3 Features that Make Outdoor Living More Convenient in State College

The patio or poolside is meant to be a sanctuary to which homeowners can escape after a long week at the office. This entails being able to dine, converse, and enjoy the scenery in a relaxing and effortless manner. However, many of your clients may still be struggling to cart food from the home to the patio and may feel cramped or uncomfortable in their outdoor oasis. Consider using the following features to put your State College, PA, clients at ease and make their time outdoors more enjoyable.

An irrigation system

3 Features that Make Outdoor Living More Convenient in State College, PA

Lawns are demanding, and lowering their maintenance requirements can take a heavy load off your client’s shoulders. An automated irrigation system is essential to achieving a stunning, self-sustaining lawn. The system can be fitted with a timer and rain sensor, to ensure that the grass is only watered when necessary and wasteful run-off is kept to a minimum. Your client also won’t need to remember to switch the system on, leaving them with greater peace of mind.


An outdoor kitchen

Investing in an outdoor kitchen simplifies barbecues by eliminating trips between the home and grill. By creating a space decked out with a refrigerator, garbage cans, storage units, and various accessories, your client will be able to store, prepare, and cook food without having to visit their indoor kitchen. This will enable them to enjoy the festivities to a greater extent. The kitchen can also serve as an attraction, as guests may want to lend a hand with food preparation or simply make use of the beer taps and bar fridges that may be available. It is important that every surface is built from weather resistant materials, and that the appliances are not only properly protected, but also receive adequate ventilation to prevent fires.


Plenty of elbow room

One thing that can ruin one’s outdoor experience is a lack of space. Homeowners spend time outside to feel free and unrestricted; however, their crowded patios and overgrown softscapes can make them feel stifled. There are certain colors, materials, and features that can make an outdoor area more spacious and improve its atmosphere. For example, cool colors tend to make walls appear further away, while warm colors bring them closer together. Consider quality natural stone or concrete pavers in cool gray hues for the structures in your client’s hardscape. Regular maintenance of one’s softscape can also serve to open up the entire area, as untamed grass and trees consume more space than they should.

Different outdoor rooms are generally distinguished by the low walls or paving borders that separate them. Opt for paving borders where possible in small areas, as they consume less space. However, if your client would prefer clear vertical perimeters, the low walls can be used as seating space to reduce the number of chairs and sofas required. A pergola also defines the area beneath it as an individual outdoor room, and only needs four small spots for the grounding of its posts.