3 Products for the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace in State College, PA

An outdoor fireplace can be the focal point of any State College, PA, home’s backyard. Not only does it provide a warm gathering point for friends and family, but it also adds an element of style and elegance to a yard, making it a highly popular element with clients of landscaping contractors. However, choosing the right products with the right aesthetics, as well as quality, are vital to ensuring customer satisfaction.

Kalea Bay from Firegear Outdoors

3 Products for the Perfect Outdoor Fireplace in State College, PA

The Kalea Bay fireplace series from Firegear Outdoors is a modern take on the traditional fireplace, with a sleek, linear design. The modern design extends to the performance, with this fireplace requiring no chimney or venting unlike the more traditional options. It also integrates high end electronics and stainless steel burners into the design to ensure convenience and efficiency. Features include a wireless transmitter option, electronic ignition, and a drop in burner system to ease maintenance and complement its modern look.

This sleek fireplace can be integrated into any framing, giving you the choice to go with a modern, smooth finish or a more rustic layered brick finish which contrasts the stainless steel and glass used in the fireplace. You can also give your customers the option of a see-through back with a tempered glass windscreen included from the factory. Coupled with the wide range of sizes and 5 year warranty, you have the ultimate modern fireplace fit for any yard.


Fireplaces from Round Grove

Round Grove’s fireplaces step towards the more traditional fireplace aesthetic to give you the old-world charm you would normally associate with a fireplace. A major advantage of this fireplace is that it is pre-assembled from the factory, radically reducing the time required to set it up. It utilizes high end materials for the framing with a scratch coat extended across the entire surface, making it easy to adapt the fireplace to any exterior for a customized look. The choice of hipped or squared shoulders is just the tip of the customizable options list which extends to sizes of the fireplace and firebox as well as the option of adding a hearth.

Crossfire burner and ignition systems from Warming Trends

A high quality fireplace is only as good as its ability to provide sustained warmth dependably and safely, providing a beautiful, full flame while still using gas efficiently. Warming Trend’s cross fire burners are made with high quality brass and are available in a variety of sizes to fit all manner of fireplaces and fire pits. Their patented technology provides the look of a wood burning fire with a full, bright flame, making them the go-to choice for any fireplace. Add in the lifetime warranty and you have a burner set bound to keep your customers happy for years.

The ease of ignition is also an important factor and especially important for safety. Warming Trend’s line of ignition systems complements their burners with high quality fit and finish and great reliability. They offer push button ignition coupled with the option of battery operated 3 Volt ignition suitable for smaller capacity fireplaces or the 24 Volt ignition for larger capacity fireplaces. In addition are electronic add-ons such as wireless ignition and intensity control, Bluetooth connectivity via smartphone, timer and emergency stop switches. All in all, their range of products can be an excellent addition to upgrade any fireplace to a safer, more efficient home system.


Image courtesy of Firegear Outdoors.