3 Tips for Selecting the Right Materials for Retaining Walls in Harrisburg, PA

Good retaining walls offer a full spectrum of functionality, from their purpose in keeping soil in place to their use as a perimeter around a patio or as a dividing line between outdoor rooms. When it comes to selecting the materials for a retaining wall in Harrisburg, PA, you will want to choose products that will last and that will be pleasing to the eye. It may be difficult to decide exactly what you need, so read on and we’ll give you a few essential tips for finding the right retaining wall materials for the job.


Choose the Location Wisely

3 Tips for Selecting the Right Materials for Retaining Walls in Harrisburg, PA

The first tip in choosing the materials you will use for your retaining wall is to decide where the wall will be, and what its function will be. Is the retaining wall going to be a decorative accent wall around the edge of a pool? Be sure to choose stone materials that closely match the pool deck for a cohesive look. For a cool terraced effect around a patio, you may want to look for materials that complement the paved areas in that section of the property as well.

If you are looking to add a decorative accent wall around the flower beds along the front yard, then decorative stones in colors and shapes that complement the exterior of the home could be an excellent option. A concrete retaining wall system that closely resembles bluestone is a particularly popular choice for creating a decorative retaining wall accent and can look great with a variety of home exteriors and styles.

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Consider Form and Function

The use of retaining walls varies from one landscape to the next. For some homeowners, the purpose is to simply move earth and keep it back to prevent erosion. As a result, this type of construction produces an exposed wall, leaving the homeowners to decide what to do with this area of their property. Our second smart tip is to make this most of this added feature and turn the stone wall into a showpiece with carefully selected masonry.

Some homeowners prefer the variety of shapes and sizes for their retaining wall, to give it a look that appears as natural as possible. Others may prefer a more buttoned-up finish—in that case, you can choose from a variety of concrete stones to give your property a clean, uniform look. Brick is another option and would be a good choice if the preferred look reflects a more classic style.


Know Which Materials Are Best for the Project at Hand

As the details of the project are discussed, be sure to have a clear understanding of what materials would work best. Our supply store can help you make the case for quality stone if that seems to be the best option for this particular project. You want this wall to last a long time, so the decision is an important one.

Oftentimes the debate over what materials to use for any project can be resolved once they are viewed in person. Our extensive indoor and outdoor showrooms have helped many contractors and homeowners finalize their decision, whatever their next project will be, and they leave knowing their decision will be one they’ll be satisfied with for a long time.