4 Tips for Taking Your Client's Fall Outdoor Living Experience to the Next Level in Lancaster, PA

For many, fall is a favorite time of the year when the weather cools off, the scenery brightens up, and pumpkin everything is in season. In Lancaster, PA, it’s also a fantastic time for being outdoors, and your clients’ landscapes should be ready for it. Here are some great tips for making sure they have what they need to fully enjoy outdoor living this fall.

Suggest a Fireplace or Fire Pit

4 Tips for Taking Your Client's Fall Outdoor Living Experience to the Next Level in Lancaster, PA

Lancaster, PA, is known for its crisp autumn season as well as increasingly chillier nights. An outdoor fireplace or fire pit gives your clients a reason to stay outside longer and enjoy their outdoor entertaining space throughout the fall season. They’ll be thrilled when friends and family angle to visit specifically for their impressive fire feature.

A fireplace tends to be a better option for more formally designed landscapes. For more casual landscapes, a fire pit is a popular option. Watson Supply Inc. offers different brands of fireplace and fire pit kits for creating a pragmatic addition to your client’s outdoor landscape.

Upgrade to a Paver Patio

If your client isn’t enthusiastic about an existing outdoor patio that was installed by a previous owner, it may be time for an upgrade. Old patios can be hazardous when poor quality pavers start to crack or fall apart. A patio upgrade is also an investment to your client’s home, which can add aesthetic appeal and value to their home for time to come. It also instantly adds usable space to their landscape. Watson Supply has a wide variety of materials that can upgrade any patio or aid you in building a great one from scratch.

Recommend Colorful Foliage

Adding the beauty of nature to your client’s landscape is not only a good idea, it’s what they pay you for! Landscapers should be experts at knowing what plants to put where, and when. Autumn is a wonderful time to take advantage of this knowledge and range of colorful foliage and flowers available. Marigolds are a go-to because of their long-lasting blooms of bright yellow, red, and orange—a perfect complement to the fall season. Of course, mums are also a favorite with their fall colors.

One fitting option often overlooked is the Oakleaf hydrangea, which boasts bright orange and red foliage after its soft white summer blooms fade away. It’s also a strong perennial, which means maintenance is minimal, and it will grow back stronger every year, leaving your client very pleased.

Give Them (Outdoor) Light

Lighting is an integral part of your client being able to enjoy their outdoor living space. Lighting makes it easy for homeowners to see their guests, do some grilling, and enjoy the scenery of their landscape. Recommend post lighting, ground lighting, or feature lighting. All will help keep the party going until the snow starts falling!

How many more reasons do you need to visit Watson Supply and pick up what you need to show your clients you’re the best around? Come get the best in class in fireplaces, fire pits, pavers, lighting, and more! Whatever you need to bring your client’s Lancaster, PA, landscape up to snuff, we’ve got it.