5 Beautiful Retaining Wall Designs for Small Backyards in Lancaster, PA

Tying a landscape vision together with the incorporation of unique retaining wall designs is an excellent way to utilize an area to create a clean and organized look. Consider incorporating these designs into your Lancaster, PA customers’ vision to bring creativity and flair to their landscape layout.

With a variety of options, you can use your expertise to assist clients in choosing a retaining wall design that will suit their vision, lifestyle, and landscaping needs.

Keep It Straight & Organized

Sometimes a simplistic design is the most appropriate option for providing a clean aesthetic and a open feel for a small backyard. Creating sharp edges and straight retaining wall borders can allow for a well-organized appearance without making a landscape appear busy or cluttered. Use this design to take full advantage of the available space and create multiple useable sections.

Incorporate Differing Levels

Bringing depth to a small front or back yard by incorporating different levels with retaining walls is a sure way to make it appear larger. You can do this to neatly designate space for plants, while leaving plenty of room available for other features. You can also include multiple level hardscapes, including outdoor kitchens and seating areas to ensure that the space is used efficiently and space is not wasted on outdoor room dividers such as hedges and low walls. Lastly, you can consider adding different levels to a pool patio or poolside surrounds for a more dramatic look.


Double Functions

5 Beautiful Retaining Wall Designs for Small Backyards in Lancaster, PA  

Designing a curved retaining wall system not only allows for a softer and less rigid appearance, but also the incorporation of additional features like benches. A curved retaining wall design, perhaps one built around a fire pit, can act as an open conversation spot and a comfortable seating space, making the area feel larger and more useable.

Rugged Natural Stone Designs

Rather than the typical neat and tidy look, consider designing a natural, rustic retaining wall by incorporating irregular rocks and stone pieces. This type of design can allow for a unique look that can almost appear as if it might be naturally occurring, as opposed to more architectural installations. Retaining walls and vertical features incorporating a high level of detail can help to make small backyards appear more rich and vibrant.

Staircases & Steps

Retaining walls often serve to contain gardens, plantings, and sections of lawn, as well as hardscape areas. Whatever the case, you can add to the design with beautiful, natural steps and staircases with materials from our stone yard. Steps can add depth and elegance to an otherwise simplistic layout. Consider adding a natural stairway with rock slabs.


Lighting for Ambience

Adding lights to a new or existing retaining wall is a simple but effective way to add style and a contemporary feel. Not only are lights aesthetically pleasing, but also functional and practical for nighttime use. Lights can be built right into the wall, as well as walkways and stairs, and provide a simple but wonderful additional feature to any landscape. Adding lighting to a retaining wall will also help to save space in a small yard and eliminate shadows, which will also make the space appear smaller at night.

Image courtesy of Unilock.