7 Qualities to Look for in a Garden Supply Store

When you design a landscape or plan a renovation for your Lancaster, PA, clients, you want to partner with a garden supply store that has everything you need in one place, from the landscape stones to an irrigation system to keep your landscape work thriving. 

Pavers for Walls and Hardscapes

7 Qualities to Look for in a Garden Supply Store

When your area garden supply store partners with some of the best manufacturers of paving stones and other hardscape materials, you’ll end up with a vast array of masonry choices, with the very right one for your next project just waiting to be found. From Unilock to Marmiro Stones to Old World Stone Veneer and Techo-Bloc, you can accomplish the hardscape aesthetic you’re aiming for with your client. 


Aquatic Solutions

Whether your client wants a full pond with a waterfall or just a small water feature to fit in a select corner, you want to know you can find professional products that will fit all their water feature needs. Your local garden supply store has experts to provide the vast knowledge necessary for both safely constructing and maintaining a healthy pond, waterfall, or fountain, taking into account proper drainage, high-quality equipment, and dignified design choices.

Outdoor Lighting 

Well balanced outdoor lighting can transform a nighttime landscape with ambient lighting. With choices including WAC Landscape Lighting, Cast Lighting, Kichler Lighting, and FX Luminaire, there are solutions for wall lighting, pathway lighting, feature lighting, and wall lighting. Whether it is filling a lounge area with warm, ambient light, or safely illuminating walkways and patios, the collection of trusted brands offers all varieties of state-of-the-art lighting equipment.


Outdoor Kitchen and Grill Features

There is nothing like an outdoor barbeque to bring friends and family together for fun, and for clients who want to cook outside more, there are a variety of grill choices. You may discover that you can wow your clients with the prospect of making a pizza oven part of the design. When you know where to look, you can connect your clients with coal, wood, and gas options for their cooking preferences, as well as deliver the best in outdoor cooking appliances. 

Outdoor Audio

Most everyone has air pods in their ears these days, and so when your clients want to listen to their favorite music while entertaining or relaxing outdoors, they will have high standards. TruAudio brings them a sleek, efficient, accessible sound system. With landscape speakers, patio speakers, and underground subwoofers, they can experience superior sound quality from sleek, all-weather speakers.


Many Lancaster homeowners want to have irrigation for the ease of watering their lawns and landscape. You can find top brands like Water-Reel, Weathermatic, and Rain Bird, enhanced  by specialists who can recommend the most appropriate and durable irrigation solutions for the support and longevity of a unique landscape design. Sprinklers, drip irrigation, and water reels are available for any irrigation plan. 

Ice Melt

Your clients need solutions for the tough winter weather, and our garden supply has the TruMelt Premium Ice Melt that you need to keep your clients safe and able to get out during harsh weather. With TruMelt for walkways, steps and pavers, and driveways and parking areas, there is an ice melting formula for any use.