Adding a Water Feature to an Existing Swimming Pool in State College, PA

Adding a water feature to your State College, PA, client’s pool design can be a great way to get it ready for the summer. There are a few things that need to be considered when adding water features to a pre-existing pool. These include the appearance of the feature, the surrounding landscape, as well as other aspects of the design. Here are some ideas for ensuring a feature that your client will love:

Considering the client’s goals

It’s always a good idea to first establish the general size of the water feature with the client. From there, you will be able to work with them to achieve specific goals. When it comes to integrating a water feature into a pre-existing pool, some things are far from obvious, but are crucial to the integrity of the project. The size of the water feature, for example, will determine whether any modifications will need to be made to the pool pump or the return lines running to and from the pool. It’s also a good idea to establish a style for the water feature with the client. This will help narrow down the materials you can offer to include in the project.

Adding a Water Feature to an Existing Swimming Pool in State College, PA

Precautions when adding a feature to the pool’s edge

Placing a water feature, such as a full natural rock waterfall feature, directly at the water’s edge will require a few additional precautions. One of them being the reinforcement underneath the pool deck where the waterfall will sit. This is because the water feature may put a lot of weight on the edge of the pool. If it is not distributed properly, the edge of the pool may start to sag or crack over time. Lighter materials, such as faux stone, can be used to replace natural stone. This in turn will reduce the amount of reinforcement needed. Depending upon where the pool pump is, you may have to run tubing to one of the return lines for adequate pressure, or fit the feature with its own designated pump.


The surrounding landscape

Regardless of what kind of water feature the client chooses, the surrounding landscape should be considered as well. Some of the best looking water features look as if they have been there all along. Use plants, shrubbery, and flowers to help the water feature blend with the rest of the landscape.

Accessing the water feature

When adding elements to an existing design, it is important to consider the flow of traffic around the landscape. Sometimes the placement of a water feature in a certain area can change the way that the homeowners previously moved around the pool patio. This can be easily avoided by adding additional pathways behind or around the water feature. This may be a simple stone path behind the water feature, or as extravagant as a footbridge leading over the water feature with the option to add a waterslide for extra fun. It’s also important that the water feature’s pump be accessible via a pathway for maintenance.


The pathway created behind, over, or in front of your client’s water feature may need to be useable at night. Be sure to provide adequate lighting. Lighting up the feature itself, with lighting directed at, or from behind, the cascading water can be highly effective.