Complete Landscape Design with an Outdoor Audio System from Our Garden Supply Store in York, PA

Take outdoor entertaining to a new level with an outdoor audio system. Outdoor entertaining is increasingly popular in York, PA—just look at the exponential growth of outdoor kitchen and landscaping businesses in the area. Too often, top-notch audio systems are sequestered indoors. But with the innovative products on the market today, the outdoor audio system is an absolute necessity.


Complete Landscape Design with an Outdoor Audio System from Our Garden Supply Store in York, PA  

With outdoor audio systems, placement cannot be ignored. Placement can be the difference between angry calls from the neighbors, and homeowners having to huddle into one small corner of the yard to enjoy the music. Sound travels differently outdoors than indoors. Careful planning, therefore, must be undertaken when considering an outdoor audio system. A common problem is sound traveling too far, or sound not traveling far enough. A well-balanced sound, constant across the entire space, and focusing on the lived-in area of the yard, is ideal.  When arranging an outdoor audio system, the size of the yard, the amount of power needed for optimal sound, and the necessary height and spacing of audio equipment, must be taken into consideration.


Separate Audio Zones

One solution to the problem of a large backyard, or a difficult yard to create a desired and even sound, is the implementation of separate audio zones. Multiple audio zones are excellent for yards that have a number of different kinds of spaces where guests might congregate and want to hear music at different volumes. Outdoor audio systems can be created so music is blaring at the poolside, but subtle, for the sake of conversation, by the outdoor kitchen. Speaker placement is also important here. Careful consideration should be taken to ensure that no seating areas are prone to getting the brunt of the sound. With a bit of know-how and thoughtfulness, the placement and creation of audio zones can really enhance the backyard audio experience.


The portable and inexpensive Bluetooth audio systems available today may be a step up from the antiquated boom box, but they just don’t compare to the sophisticated power of high-quality outdoor speakers. High-quality outdoor speakers can make the difference between listening to music and experiencing music. There are many options and styles available for all-weather and optimum outdoor sound. Whether the homeowner is looking to seamlessly blend audio equipment into the landscape with speakers made to resemble floodlights or rocks, or looking for sleek and prominent designs to act as focal points, to mount on walls, or incorporate into hardscapes, there are many options available. 


For the incomparable throng of deep and resonating bass, for that little extra something that makes the party come alive, or for a more full audio experience, the subwoofer is paramount. Outdoor subwoofers can be as effective as your indoor subwoofer, but the outdoor subwoofer has the added task of being able to withstand the elements, the insects, and outdoor critters. There are two main types of outdoor subwoofers, the subterranean option, where the bulk of the subwoofer is underground, and the aboveground option, often made to resemble rocks or planters. Remember that high-quality is a must when it comes to outdoor audio systems and the subwoofer is no exception!