Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire’s Luxor System, Now Available in PA

As of January 2019, we are extremely proud to now offer FX Luminaire lighting as one of our outdoor lighting brands. Available in PA, FX Luminaire offers a vast variety of lighting fixtures, including uplights, downlights, underwater, and specialty lights. One feature that amplifies the thrill of their outdoor lighting and optimizes its convenience is the comprehensive Wi-Fi control enabled by the Luxor App.

Read on to discover just how effortlessly customizable outdoor lighting could be under the remote control of Luxor Technology.

What Is The Luxor System?

The Luxor App enables homeowners to plan the layout, intensity, and color scheme of their outdoor lighting or change these features in real-time to suit their mood. The Luxor App is a well-organized homeowner’s dream, as specific themes can be created, saved, and used to schedule the ambience of a landscape down to the second. A particular theme encompasses a particular layout of lights at specific intensities, displaying a completely customized color scheme. A homeowner’s favorite lighting themes can be saved and accessed at will or scheduled to appear on specific dates and special occasions.


Customizing Your Outdoor Living Space

With FX Luminaire’s Luxor System, homeowners can enjoy a brand-new backyard with one simple swipe. The app’s user-friendly interface allows homeowners to customize their outdoor lighting, and the ambience of their landscape, without having to fiddle with individual fixtures. Luxor is, by far, the most advanced landscape lighting transformer on the market, capable of zoning, dimming, and controlling the color of an entire LED landscape lighting system from a single control panel.

Zoning and Dimming

The zoning capabilities of Luxor Technology programs lights to access preset themes, enabling homeowners to orchestrate their landscape lighting to suit a particular time of day or special occasion. Zoning effectively creates groups of fixtures that conform to the same setting independently of all the other groups in the lighting system. The app’s dimming function does more than alter the intensity of the entire landscape lighting system. This highly flexible control system can alter the intensity of the specific groups of fixtures. This capability can be utilized to highlight different focal points within a landscape at different times. It can also be exploited to suit the needs of the landscape during different times of the day. For example, low-intensity lighting would create a soft ambience around 9 p.m., when the family is likely to be stargazing or enjoying the warmth of the fire pit. Focused, high-intensity lighting is required around midnight and the early hours of the morning, for security purposes.

Luxor Color Technology

Enhance Your Outdoor Lighting with FX Luminaire’s Luxor System, Now Available in PA

With Luxor, a homeowner can access any one of 30,000 colors for their landscape lighting system. Not only can you pick a particular hue, but its saturation and intensity can also be customized to create as bright or muted a shade as needed. This function is particularly popular for special events and holiday displays. However, being able to customize the color scheme of your outdoor lighting display is useful on a day-to-day basis, too. Set the fixtures around your outdoor fireplace to display a warm, orange hue that amplifies the cozy atmosphere that pervades the space. Deep purple hues pair stunningly with dark green vegetation and can imbue a collection of shrubs with a sense of mystique.

Luxor remains FX Luminaire’s premium lighting control option. Luxor is compatible with Luxor satellites, cubes, and ZD MR-16 LED lamps. The addition of these accessories transforms Luxor into a complete outdoor living space control system.

Leading smart home systems such as Crestron, Lutron, Control4, and Savant easily integrate with the Luxor controller. Compatibility with these smart home systems provides homeowners maximum control and convenience by allowing them to combine their indoor control system with their outdoor lighting.

Image courtesy of FX Luminaire.


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