Enhance Your Patio Design with Porcelain Tiles from Our Stone Supply in Harrisburg, PA

A Harrisburg, PA, home undergoing a redesign may want to consider porcelain rather than the traditional concrete patio look. Many people disregard porcelain for outdoor hardscaping, viewing it as unconventional and fragile. However, modern porcelain tiles are remarkably well suited for the outdoors, creating a patio that’s durable and easy to maintain with an exclusive look that will really set it apart. Here are the primary reasons for choosing porcelain tiles from Our Stone Supply.

A Distinctive Look

Porcelain tiles offer a smooth surface and seamless joints that make a patio feel like a giant slab of luxurious marble. Moreover, they come in a wide variety of color and texture options that can only be rivaled by another manufactured material like concrete pavers. Traditional homes can choose distinctive colors or designs that mimic natural stone such as Gotham Beige and Travstone Noce from Unilock’s catalog. For more modern homes, the consistent and subtle hues of Graustein Caesar or Eikon Gea Caesar will give the design matching sophistication. Porcelain also offers a wide range of finishes to further customize the design. A more lustrous finish with a glossy look can make a patio very distinctive or take on the more subtle route of a matte finish. 


In addition to a variety of options, porcelain’s biggest trump card is the ability to make a patio feel like an extension of the home. The marble-like finish makes it feel like a living and dining room with unmatched ease. To enhance this effect, consider the option of utilizing the same porcelain tiles for interior decoration.

Surprising Practicality

Not only is porcelain amazing to look at but it is also a surprisingly practical material. The nonporous surface ensures that the patio will be highly resistant to the accumulation of dust and grime. The seamless interconnections between the tiles eliminates the problem of unsightly weeds that have a tendency to grow between interconnecting concrete pavers. The surface itself is resistant to scratches, fading, and stains, so it will continue to look fantastic despite years of hard use. The tiles can also be found in slip-proof variants that feature a matte finish to provide additional grip. Lastly, maintaining porcelain tiles is as easy as sweeping them clean or washing them with soapy water. 


Enhance Your Patio Design with Porcelain Tiles from Our Stone Supply in Harrisburg, PA  

Contrary to popular belief, porcelain is far from a fragile material. Porcelain tiles are a type of ceramic that gives them remarkable strength and durability. Moreover, being a manufactured product, it is quite easy to source replacements for any tiles that are damaged, especially when making the most of a quality manufacturer like Unilock. You get none of the inconsistencies in supply, colors, and surface textures that are common with natural stone flooring with the same classy look. Coupled with its ability to stand up to the elements and daily use, porcelain is a highly durable material fit for any patio. 

Image courtesy of Unilock.