Essential Building Materials for High-End Outdoor Kitchen Constructions in PA

In an outdoor setting, low quality materials and appliances deteriorate quickly. When choosing building materials for outdoor kitchen construction in Lancaster, PA, you can rely on Watson Supply to provide you with materials for outdoor kitchens that will withstand the rigors of weather, time, and outdoor living.

Grills and Ovens

Essential Building Materials for High-End Outdoor Kitchen Constructions in Lancaster PA

Let’s face it - the grill is the heart of the outdoor kitchen. As the key feature to all the enjoyment, delicious meals and good times outdoors, you’ll want to make sure this feature performs sustainably for as long as possible. At Watson Supply, we offer a wide range of grills and cooking appliances from a number of trusted manufacturers, including ovens from Chicago Brick Oven, as well as grills and accessories from American Outdoor Grill, Twin Eagles, Delta Heat, Primo Ceramic Grills and FireMagic. Among the options, you’ll find gas, wood and coal burning grills, ovens and smokers.


Fire Features

For adding extra warmth, comfort and ambience to an outdoor kitchen, a fire feature is a worthwhile design element. At Watson Supply, you’ll find a range of permanent and moveable fire features, fire pit inserts, fire pit kits, prefabricated fireplaces, and a range of designer features from trusted brands such as Firegear Outdoors, Breeo, Round Grove, Warming Trends and Unilock, as well as all the raw building materials you’ll need for creating your own custom design or fulfilling the unique design requirements of your client.

Stone Veneer

Stone veneer provides outdoor kitchens with an upscale finish and a natural look - the perfect decorative finish to the exterior walls and structures of outdoor kitchens. Not only does stone veneer offer an attractive solution to outdoor kitchen makeover projects, it is also extremely durable as well. With our wide range of products, styles and brands of manufactured, as well as natural stone veneer, make us your one stop shop for stone veneer requirements.

Natural Stone and Concrete Pavers

As a strong foundation for outdoor kitchen design, high quality natural stone and concrete pavers are essential for contractors and homeowners alike. With trusted partners including natural stone suppliers and concrete manufacturers like Pinnacle Stone Products, Techo-Bloc, Unilock, Old World Stone Veneer and Abbotsford Concrete Products, you can rest assured that your constructions are well suited to long term durability and stunning aesthetic.



Vertical outdoor kitchen structures will serve a number of different purposes. Whether your design includes retaining walls, seating walls, or simply reliable and attractive grill islands and storage space, high quality wall units are a must. Concrete wall units, particularly, offer easy installation and long term structural stability that make a contractor’s job that much easier. Along with wall units from our trusted partners, Watson Supply takes a great deal of pride in ensuring that everything you need for a successful outdoor kitchen project is readily at hand. As a contractor, partner with us for your materials and building supply requirements so that you can focus on what’s most important - taking care of your client’s needs.

Image courtesy of Chicago Brick Oven.