Essential Features for a Backyard Water Garden in State College, PA

Adding a water feature to a State College, PA, landscape would bring peace and positive energy to homeowners. They can easily imagine forgetting all about everyday problems while they indulge in the sound of water movement and enjoy the beauty that a water feature would bring to their backyard. A new water garden or waterfall (or even both) go beyond adding to the aesthetics—they also encourage relaxation and add simple pleasures within reach.

Enliven the Garden with Fish and Plants

A water garden instantly becomes a focal point of a landscape, inviting guests and homeowners to admire its beauty, wildlife, fish, and plants. It requires a careful design and construction to ensure that the plants and fish will thrive in their backyard home.

When building a water garden, or koi pond, you need to know which type of fish your client wants, such as goldfish, koi, or ornamental fish. Either of these fish is a sure way to add a splash of color to the water garden and make it that much more invigorating.

Essential Features for a Backyard Water Garden in State College, PA  

Besides fish, plants are also essential for a water garden. There are many plants that can make the water garden look rich and healthy, such as the lotus, water lily, pale yellow iris, or Peruvian primrose. However, be aware that koi eats particular types of plants, so you want to focus on plants that will be safe for the fish to eat, such as water lettuce, umbrella plants, and lotus.


Fish and plants need healthy water so they can grow and thrive. This means a water garden needs a pond liner, pond underlay, pumps, and filtration. With all the essentials for a water garden, pond kits take the thinking out of making sure you have everything needed and come in a range of sizes, depending on the how much of your client’s landscape will be used for the new pond.

Add Strength with Stones

What is a water garden without small and large stones? Adding stones is a brilliant way to divide the water garden space and add more dimensions to it. Stones can be used for edging a water garden as well as to create a natural setting.


Waterfalls for a Dramatic Touch

You can add a number of small waterfalls to bring a water garden to a whole new level. The water that pours over rocks and stones is incredibly calming and great for meditation. It also makes a water garden look more natural and vivid.

Paths to Serenity

Pathways that lead to separate areas of the water garden will allow homeowners to come close to the water pond and enjoy its beauty. You can use sand, gravel, or even natural stone to create a welcoming pathway.

Light Up the Water

Lighting will add an extra level to a water garden, allowing homeowners to enjoy their water feature at night. After all, that’s when the real magic happens.

You can position certain lights so that they cast light that dances on the water, illuminating the best parts of a water pond and backyard. You can also attach lights to the trees to add a powerful twist to the water garden. Also consider path lights to encourage safety and evening visits to the water so that the homeowners can marvel at what you’ve created for their landscape.