Finding a Hardscape Dealer for your York, PA Front Porch

If your next project involves building a front porch in York, PA, choosing high-quality materials will be one of your next steps. It’s the only way to create a front porch that is both functional and attention-grabbing. With a hardscape dealer such as Watson Supply Inc., you can browse through a variety of materials for making this kind of a front porch.


Paver flooring is a much better option than other materials, including poured concrete. Pavers by Unilock offer unmatched durability and will not crack as they are four times stronger than ordinary poured concrete. Thanks to the special technology used in crafting these pavers, they are stain resistant and will preserve their rich color year after year.


Unilock pavers also look gorgeous, so they will naturally improve the look of a front porch. You can create patterns or use pavers of the same color for a simple look. Since you have a wide range of undertones, textures, and sizes at your disposal, you can choose pavers that will reflect the exact style of your client’s home.

Natural Stone

Natural stone offers a collection of unique textures and undertones that allow you to create exceptional projects. Thanks to its distinctiveness, natural stone can be used to enhance both modern and rustic designs.

Since it comes from nature, the genuine stone is considered one of the most durable and luxurious materials. While it can easily last for a century, one of its most significant characteristics is that it looks more stunning as time goes by.  


Short walls made of brick are commonly seen on front porches. A brick wall connected with mortar can be stable and sturdy when handled by a knowledgeable professional. In this case, a brick wall could withstand weather and the elements without getting damaged.

Apart from that, a brick can look charming on a front porch. A plethora of colors, textures, and sizes can really spark up your creativity and help you impress your clients.

Whether to create a compact, clean look or a more unique one, brick can be a good choice to build a one-of-a-kind front porch. You can even have it painted in a color that would best match the rest of the exterior home.


Building a Front Porch? Get the Materials from Your Hardscape Dealer in the York, PA, Area


Whether it’s used to craft furniture or build fences, columns, and pillars, the wood you choose for different projects depends on its excellent resistance to the elements and natural beauty. Painted, untreated, or stained—the right kind of wood can take our breath away. Not only will it add a curb appeal to the front porch, but it can also add a sense of coziness. There is nothing better than enjoying a cup of coffee or tea with friends on a front porch that encourages relaxation and a friendly atmosphere.

When it comes to design ideas, you could have a front porch built completely from wood or use the material solely for the steps or a fence. Another option could be to combine wood with another material such as natural stone. This way, you can create a contrast and add a point of interest.