Gorgeous Unilock Pavers for Harrisburg Hardscapes

The hardscapes of your home would be incomplete without gorgeous pavers for the “floor” of the structure. In Harrisburg, PA, finding suitable pavers is as easy as consulting the Unilock catalog. The company offers easy to install, durable, and affordable options that will appeal to the homeowner’s eye for beauty and the contractor’s interest in quality.

Consider the various styles offered as you evaluate whether Unilock is the right source for your patio, walkway, driveway, or other paver-requiring hardscape. The versatile designs, colors, sizes, and pattern potentials mean that the hardscape design’s limitation is only the imagination of the designer.

Clean, Fresh, and Modern

Gorgeous Unilock Pavers for Harrisburg, PA, Hardscapes

Senzo, Umbriano, Artline, Beacon Hill Smooth, and Promenade Plank Paver are all examples of modern and contemporary aesthetics paired with durable and appropriate construction. Straight lines, right angles, smooth texture, and an appeal to the linear are clear characteristics of modern design and work well with such architecture. In addition, Unilock provides these series with ample variety of color and size options, making it possible to create a minimalist design, high contrast patterns, or other contemporary creations for your patio or walkway. The popular appeal of modern design can be easily facilitated with this choice.


Traditional and Classic Charm

You might also choose to highlight the traditional and classic over other architectural styles. Brick, cobblestone, or simple flagstone may be the natural inspiration for these pieces, and Unilock offers several series that match this design language. Options from Unilock that appeal to the cobblestone preference include Courtstone and Tribeca Cobble. More brick-like pavers include Copthorne, Town Hall, Mattoni, Cassova, and Hollandstone. While they all resemble brick, they’re also varied in other areas including size, color options, texture, and other elements of appearance.

Bright colors, uniformity of size, and imagination combine to create remarkable designs for your hardscape project. Whether your aesthetic intentions are country charm, ranch-house traditionalism, or classic suburban, the series chosen will be constructed to be durable, easy to maintain, and backed by quality guarantees.


Rich, Elegant, and Sophisticated

Treo Classic, Westport Classic, Beacon Hill Flagstone, Bristol Valley, Thornbury, Treo Enduracolor, Westport Enduracolor, Richcliff, Series 3000, and Umbriano are all examples of sophistication and elegance. While you may choose among these and focus on different styles and preferences, Unilock delivers when it comes to quality. Often resembling natural stone, the flagstone inspired pieces are ideal for high-end properties and hardscapes while many of the others offer interesting appearances that inspire incredible accents and bands.

Just as the floor inside your home has the power to transform the entire aesthetic of the property, so it does for hardscape projects. The foundation of your patio, driveway, walkway, or other landscape construction has the ability to make or break the success of the project. To ensure that your choices are appropriate, not just in long-lived durability and ease of installation, but also in appearance and long-lasting aesthetic suitability, choose a company that values high-end quality and puts classic aesthetics over trends. That company is Unilock. You can count on this resource to provide flexibly appropriate hardscape paving units for any construction that you’re planning.