Here's How Stone Veneer Can Be Used For Stunning Hardscape Design In Harrisburg

Clients who feel like their patios are simply ‘lacking something’ may very well need more vertical elements in their Harrisburg, PA, hardscape. Vertical elements add interest and variation to outdoor spaces, especially when structures of various heights are incorporated into the design. Using natural stone veneers can help to create vertical structures with enough character to revive an entire hardscape. These thin slabs of stone can be used to cover a client’s existing concrete retaining walls, offering them a new and improved design without any major construction involved.

Types of natural stone veneers

Here's How Stone Veneer Can Be Used For Stunning Hardscape Design In Harrisburg PA

There are many different types of natural stone and, therefore, a range of stone veneer options. For example, fieldstone veneers utilize unique rocks found in open spaces like fields. These stones are collected in an astounding array of colors and textures, resulting in colorful and captivating veneers. Fieldstone can contribute a vintage look to structures like fireplaces and retaining walls, visually warming the space with its unrefined and ever-changing textures.

Ledgestone veneers, on the other hand, work well in modern hardscapes. They consist of thin strips of limestone that appear to be stacked - a linear pattern that complements the geometry found in contemporary designs. Although the pattern in which the stones are laid conforms to modern design trends, the authentic textures of each stone still create a contrast against sleek materials like chrome or luxurious linens. Incorporating this veneer into an outdoor kitchen, for example, will have a striking visual impact alongside the grill and other appliances.


Veneers can also utilize split face stone, which refers to rock that is cut roughly. This process removes the color that decades of weather exposure have granted the rock, and exposes the more colorless layers of stone underneath. These monochrome stones are perfectly suited to modern hardscapes, as current designs tend to favor understated and neutral shades. Installing precise, rectangular split face stones in a stacked fashion can be an excellent addition to your client’s contemporary patio. However, despite their understated shades, these stones will still draw attention with their unique textures and distinctly natural appearance.

Types of structures that can be veneered

Outdoor fire features never fail to draw people closer with their irresistible light and warmth. As a result, your client’s fire feature can be the focal point of their hardscape and deserves a sophisticated design that makes a lasting impact on those who enjoy its ambience. The earthy shades of natural stone are often highlighted by the visual warmth of firelight, while dancing flames reflect off their ridges and textures.

Water features are an excellent addition to rustic spaces shrouded in vegetation, as they create the tranquil sound of running water that can make one feel far away from the city or a bustling suburb. Veneering these natural structures in authentic stone will simply enhance their relaxing effect on those nearby. They can also be incorporated into modern patios and poolsides, in geometric designs that incorporate ledgestone or split face veneers.

Retaining walls are multi-functional and are found throughout a hardscape, dividing outdoor rooms; serving as seating space and neatening slopes. Veneering these structures can therefore allow the sophisticated and timeless appearance of natural stone to permeate through the entire backyard.