Here's Why Reliable Stone Supply is so Important in Harrisburg, PA

Having a high quality and reliable stone supplier is an important asset in any Harrisburg, PA, contractor’s arsenal. Having the right quality of materials for your project is almost as important as the experience of the contractor. With the right supplier, you can be assured of the durability of your project and the satisfaction of your client. A quality stone supplier can be distinguished by considering these important factors:

A Wide Selection of Products

Having a wide range of products is important considering that every project has different material and color requirements. A single supplier that fulfills all your stone requirements - whether it’s manufactured paving stone, natural stone and veneer, or wall stones and coping - is highly desirable. It can widen the portfolio of landscaping jobs you can undertake and expand your design freedom. A wider choice available under one supplier also ensures convenience of ordering and transporting, which can reduce costs and lessen the environmental impact of the project.


Quality Products from Quality Manufacturers

Here's Why Reliable Stone Supply is so Important in Harrisburg, PA

A stone supplier that partners with high quality brands is a valuable asset for any contractor pursuing a wide range of projects. Not only do brands such as Unilock, Old World Stone Veneer, Pinnacle Stone Products, Abbotsford Concrete Products, and Techo Bloc inspire confidence in customers regarding the quality of a project, but the products are typically backed by warranties too.


Moreover, with each manufacturer’s portfolio featuring different color and texture options, a well stocked supplier gives you the freedom of providing your customer with more options with regards to designs. This can also prove important when renovating or replacing damaged features as you can source similar products from different manufacturer’s product lines to provide your clients a quick turnaround.

Ethically Sourced Stone

With natural stone quarried overseas, it is important to ensure that the stone is ethically sourced. This means that no child laborers are used and workers are not exploited, i.e. they are paid fair wages in return for their work and are provided with safe working conditions. A supplier sourcing stone from Fairstone approved manufacturers is a reliable indication of ethically sourced stone. This is an important social responsibility that should be respected by all involved in the industry.

Consistent and Competitive Pricing

The price of the materials is a big chunk of any project’s final cost which is why a stone supplier that provides competitive pricing is highly desirable for any contractor. Consistency in pricing can also ensure that quotes for projects can be provided quickly and reliably which can be important for inspiring confidence and building a long term relationship with a client.

Reliable Availability

A supplier with a large portfolio of products coupled with a large supply that is readily available at short notice is a highly useful asset. It can bring down the time for projects significantly by cutting down on the time spent waiting for ordered products. A well-stocked supplier can also be invaluable when it comes to renovations, making it easier to match the products used in existing installations as well as reducing the renovation time, which is always an important consideration for homeowners.

Image courtesy of Techo-Bloc.