How a Custom Aquascape Water Feature can Improve Any Lancaster, PA, Outdoor Living Space

For the ultimate in serenity, look no further than water. Homeowners will revel in the idea of being able to sit back, relax, and listen to the soothing sounds of running water as their stress melts away. But there’s more to water than a relaxing atmosphere. Here’s how a custom Aquascape water feature can improve any Lancaster, PA, outdoor living space.

A Backyard Oasis with a Pondless Waterfall

A pondless waterfall is a recirculating waterfall or stream that works by pumping water from an in-ground reservoir up to the top of a spillway and then collecting the water after it flows back down to the bottom. 

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Because of their versatility, pondless waterfalls are great options for any size yard. You can decide on the volume and sound of the water (anything from a soft, serene babbling brook to a dramatic waterfall), and there are endless opportunities for creating the look you want. Boulders, stacked fieldstone, masonry walls, vegetation, lighting, and river rock are just a few of the materials you can use to create an oasis.

Pondless waterfalls are energy efficient and low maintenance. They also attract wildlife and are an endless source of entertainment for everyone.

An oasis typically means a natural setting with lush plants, stone, and informal spaces. You can achieve that feeling by installing a pondless waterfall and replacing part of a lawn with more natural and vertically oriented landscaping.

A Staycation-Worthy Luxury Spa 

Travel is great, and we’re all for it. However, it’s also a lot of work to plan and pack up for adventures. Staycations enable people to stay in their area while on vacation, to spend more of their time off relaxing, rather than stressing about their bucket list. To make staycations even better—or to get that wonderful pampered feeling of being at a luxury spa—you could suggest that your clients consider creating a backyard luxury retreat.

For many people, this means installing an in-ground pool, but it’s not for everyone. You can achieve the same tranquil luxury effect with a hot tub, spacious teak or paver deck for lounging, a verdant living wall for privacy, a fire feature, and minimalist decor. 

Add features like a sheer descent waterfall (best for pools, not hot tubs), or a water wall. A water wall can double as a privacy wall. It can be masonry (stacked stone), copper, or even glass, each of which creates a different sound and visual effect. A sheer descent waterfall masks the sounds of the neighborhood and gives your pool a sophisticated look. Finish the look off with soft blue mood lighting for nighttime enjoyment and comfortable lounge furniture.

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A Cooling Effect

Running water creates a cooling effect; not only from the mist generated by falling water, but visually as well. Installing a permanent shade structure such as a pergola or small cabana offers lounging opportunities right by the water, which gives many more opportunities to enjoy the backyard than if the space only contained a sun-baked patio.

Combining Fire and Water

The contrast between these two elements can be absolutely stunning when they’re put together. Fire fountains can be purchased or custom-built. They are self-contained, stand-alone decorative features that can be installed on even the smallest patio. Custom fire/water features such as a fire pit backed by a water wall or a long rectangular reflecting pool with fire in the center are an instant wow factor that’s sure to impress.

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