How to Design the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Island in Lancaster, PA

An outdoor kitchen is a valuable amenity that’s far more common today than it was even 10 or 15 years ago for Lancaster, PA, homes. It’s a tremendous time saver, for enabling homeowners to fully prepare food and drinks for guests in the same space as they entertain. Food preparation becomes part of the entertaining experience, rather than a chore that needs to be tolerated. Having the ultimate outdoor kitchen island is crucial to making this a reality.

Simple Storage

Having enough storage in an outdoor kitchen area is the first step to effortless entertaining. Underneath the island should be room for dry storage, including things like canned goods, plates and bowls, cutlery, napkins, or anything else that may be needed while entertaining. You should also have room allocated for a small fridge, for food that’s been prepped beforehand can go or for meat and vegetables that can be quickly thrown on the grill when guests arrive. You could also consider adding a wine fridge, where homeowners can chill white wines, beers, or mixers. This is a huge benefit, as it saves the host from running inside the house whenever something needs to be kept cold during hot summer months.


Convenient Cooktop

A range top is a simple addition to a kitchen island that can also save homeowners time and energy. They will love the concept of heating up side dishes or any other hot food without having to go inside the house and leave the party. Cooktops are very versatile, with the choice open over how big or small the outdoor cooktop needs to be. Inquire about how many guests are usually invited over for entertaining, and you could go for a grand six-burner cooktop, a basic four, or even smaller depending on the answer. Having this amenity makes sense for homeowners who are serious about investing in an outdoor kitchen, as they can use it year round, like for heating up warm cider on a cool autumn evening.

Preparation Space

How to Design the Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen Island in Lancaster, PA

One necessity of a kitchen island is, obviously, preparation space. You need an area where the host can slice and dice while still interacting with guests. Most islands are designed with an area for bar-style seating in mind so the homeowners can still be in the middle of the party while cooking for guests. Whether it’s preparing a full meal or simply muddling mint and other garnishes, having a space where the cook can work is essential. To make cleanup a cinch, the prep space can be placed directly above a pull-out garbage under the island so that scraps can be swiftly swept into the can.


These are the most fundamental elements of a functional and convenient kitchen island. Having these amenities will help keep hosts around for their own party and prevent trips into the house to access things only available in the main kitchen. If homeowners are going to invest in an outdoor kitchen, it only makes sense to add everything that will be needed to make it useful and worth their while. For more information about how to make the ultimate kitchen island a reality, contact us today!