How to Help Clients Select Hardscape Materials in York, PA

Helping a client pick their favorite hardscape materials is one of the first steps toward building a good relationship during the build. It’s a chance for you to show your knowledge of pavers that will match their style and to steer them toward materials that they are sure to love. In York, PA, use these tips to help make sure the customer will get the landscape they’re imagining.

Narrowing Down Options

Considering the vast amount of different finishes, colors, and textures available, the discussion over what hardscape materials would be best for, say, a patio and outdoor kitchen can quickly get overwhelming. It’s often wise to first begin with understanding what the homeowner visualizes as their perfect project. How detailed are they in their preferences and knowledge? A good question to ask your clients is if they would prefer natural stone or concrete pavers. This will give you a sense of how much they know and help both of you narrow down the options. If they are indecisive, go over the benefits of each hardscape material, and try to find out if one of these materials favors their lifestyle more than the other.

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How to Help Clients Select Hardscape Materials in York, PA

After this decision has been made, you can start diving into the details. You can impress them with the specifics, such as their ability to acquire non-slip and stain-resistant finishes.

Consider Their Style

Once the homeowners and you have a better idea of expectations, it’s time to move on to what style they have at their home. Are they hoping to build off of that, or go with an entirely different look? Do they lean more toward modern aesthetics or would a more rustic patio and outdoor room fit their needs? You could discuss the signature elements for each style to help generate ideas. For example, if they wish to include a contemporary design, then go over what this style consists of, such as the soft angles and the smooth textures, compared with the harder edges and minimalist appearance of modern landscapes. This will help the client better understand what each style has to offer, thus bettering their understanding of which style they ultimately will go with. Some clients will be most interested in hearing more trendy guidance while others will want to know what everyone else is doing. Pictures of past projects can help guide the conversation—notice which patios or outdoor living spaces they remark on and which ones don’t get a comment.

Help Them Choose Colors

Color is a big decision because it will be one of the first attributes that the client will notice when the project is complete. Start off your discussion off by asking what colors are already visible, whether they’ll be keeping a pre-existing patio or they want to highlight a color of their home’s exterior. Do they prefer cool tones or warm tones? Do they like subtle or bold accent colors? These are all important questions, and it’s also an opportunity to share your knowledge. Patterns and speckles found in things like natural stone and granite can bring another level of complexity to your client’s color scheme. For example, sandstone is usually found with beautiful veins of dark browns and reds. Use these darker browns and reds to help balance any darker and lighter colors.

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