Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Building Products from Unilock in PA

For a flawless kitchen design in Lancaster, PA, it is important to choose materials that will not only match the style of your landscape but also boost the value of your home. Unilock offers a wide range of quality products, ideal for grill islands, bars, and seating that will impress with their stunning design and offer comfort.

Impressive Contemporary Design with Lineo Dimensional Stone

Because of their clean lines and organized aesthetic, modern homes can sometimes appear cold and dull, especially if there isn’t a proper balance between colors and textures. Creating modern elegance that maintains that welcoming feeling can be achieved by building the outdoor kitchen with a quality wall unit.

Lineo Dimensional Stone offers sleek, linear beauty that goes well with both modern and traditional design but mostly enhances the aesthetics of contemporary spaces. This wall unit is ideal for grills, islands, bars, and seating areas, and comes in four shades: Granite Blend, Midnight Charcoal, Sandstone, and Sierra. An interesting feature of this unit is the sleek, clean lines that tend to add a modern touch to the outdoor kitchen while the colors manage to maintain its warmth.

A great addition to Lineo Dimensional Stone is Ledgestone coping which will complete the project with its natural appearance. This universal coping option works great with any structure surrounding the kitchen area because of its widely compatible, neutral shades: Buff and Grey.

The Natural Feel of Estate Wall

Ideal Outdoor Kitchen Building Products from Unilock in Lancaster, PA

Estate Wall guarantees flexibility, maximum durability, and a natural appearance. The realistic surface textures of Estate Wall provide the rich detail of weathered natural stone and the bold aesthetic of Old World architecture. Estate Wall comes with its own matching coping system for a cohesive, attractive design. Estate Wall is available in the naturalistic colors of Almond Grove, Granite, Sierra and Walnut.


The Incredible Flexibility of Brussels Dimensional System

This wall unit is perfect for any type of kitchen wall because of its flexibility, warmth, and simple design. With Brussels Dimensional System, you can construct grill islands, bars or seating, ensuring cohesiveness throughout the entire outdoor area. The Brussels Dimensional System wall unit features a worn, quarried surface that gives it a rich appearance and cozy character. The wall unit comes in a range of different colors, including Almond Grove, Coffee Creek, Limestone, New York Blend, Sandstone, Sierra, and Terra Cotta, that can be used as both main materials or as eye-catching accents.

Because of their natural, earthy colors, these units can be paired with practically any paver color scheme and work particularly well when coupled with matching Brussels Block pavers.

Bold Statement with Rivercrest Wall

If you are looking for a product that offers simplicity but has a character that never fails to make a statement, Rivercrest Wall is the right choice for you. This product offers a selection of two colors, Coastal Slate and Buff, whose neutral tones leave space for any bordering or banding color combination. Pairing Rivercrest Wall’s rustic character of stacked flagstone with the look of hand-carved edges and smooth top of Ledgestone coping can create the ultimate aesthetic for your outdoor entertainment area.