Ideal Unilock Products for Seating Walls in Lancaster

Seating walls can be a life-saver in small backyards, where moveable furniture arrangements tend to take up too much space. They also come in handy when your Lancaster, PA, hardscape suddenly has to accommodate a large family reunion or a surplus of guests. Seat walls are also dual purpose, so when they aren’t being used as casual seating, they can serve to outline different outdoor rooms or frame fire features so that they don’t appear randomly placed. Here are three versatile Unilock products that will ensure your seating walls are as stunning as they are functional.

Lineo Dimensional Stone

Lineo Dimensional Stone will add a sleek, modern touch to your outdoor area with its linear multi-length plank look. The subtle color gradients on the surfaces of these wall units are available in a range of warm and cool shades. The Limestone option is the coldest of them all and can be used to create a fairly monotone seat wall that is contrasted by the addition of brightly colored accent pillows or vibrant plants nearby. Using short pillars to end off your seat walls can make them appear more ‘finished’ and ensure that they don’t come across as random additions to the hardscape. A short pillar constructed using neutral Limestone units can be topped with colorful vases and other decorative items that brighten the design.

The Sierra color variation looks stunning when incorporated into seat walls that frame fire features, as the warm light allows the deep browns to stand out and appear even richer. Lineo Dimensional Stone is well-suited to spaces like outdoor kitchens where the cold functionality of the space can be expressed through their clean, sharp edges. Consider creating a Lineo Dimensional Stone seat wall from which guests can chat to the cook and watch the food being prepared. These wall units also pair well with the shiny chrome appliances found in outdoor kitchens. Ledgestone coping from Unilock has a stunning pitted edge that can soften and warm the modern, minimalist look of these concrete units and add variation to the structure.


Estate Wall

Estate Wall can add a luxurious element to your landscape, as it bears the character of natural ledge rock, but retains the affordability of concrete. Its unique antiqued finish emulates the look and feel of aged, weather-worn rock while its bold, large-format units also contribute to its rugged look. Pairing these wall units with modern materials, like metal or luxurious upholstery, can result in an interesting, yet beautiful blend of aesthetics.

This rustic concrete product is without a doubt the perfect addition to a well-vegetated landscape as it reflects the soft shapes and textures of nature in its convincing organic and weathered surfaces. Consider nestling a rustic seat wall in your garden, accompanied by a relaxing water feature, for the perfect mid-week getaway. Estate Wall is available in units of multiple lengths, which can be combined to bring virtually any vision for a seat wall or pillar to life.


Rivercrest Wall

Ideal Unilock Products for Seating Walls in Lancaster PA

Rivercrest Wall has the convincing look and feel of stacked flagstone slabs which, although natural and unrefined, can still be incorporated into modern hardscape designs. Its stunning textures can, in fact, be highlighted by pairing them with sleek modern pavers. These pavers can be underfoot or serve as banding that runs the length of the seat wall. Rivercrest Wall is available in a cold Coastal Slate color variation or a warmer Buff shade, but both are relatively neutral and compatible with a range of hardscapes and architectural styles.

Image courtesy of Unilock.