Ideal Water Features for Tranquil Meditation Spaces in State College, PA

The key to a tranquil meditation space is including landscape features that relax the senses. One of the most transformative ways to turn an outdoor State College, PA, space into a tranquil meditation area is through the inclusion of a water feature. Water features create sensory peace through the obscuring of unwanted sounds and the constant and soothing backdrop of cascading water. 


Water fountains are incredibly versatile. They can be simple or elaborate, big or small, elegant or modern and can come in a range of styles to complement any landscape design theme. Fountains come in a vast array of durable, weatherproof materials. They can be operated with electricity, or for the energy conscious, there are also many solar-powered options available. A basic water fountain can be easily installed, maintained, and fit into any type outdoor space. This is an excellent water feature for homeowners who are not ready to take on the responsibility of a pond, and for those who just want something simple, peaceful, and beautiful. Fountains are also the perfect small detail that landscape professionals can add to their designs for a thoughtful personal touch. For a more dramatic option, there’s the tiered fountain or a sophisticated wall fountain. For clients who desire inspiration, a statuette fountain in the shape of the Buddha or some other inspirational peace figure can be a charming addition to the space. 


Pondless Waterfall

Ideal Water Features for Tranquil Meditation Spaces in State College, PA

The pondless, self-circulating, waterfall is unmatched in its beauty and splendor. The rush and whir of its cascading water is sure to dissolve all noise and distraction, leaving only peace and tranquility. The best part of this water feature is that a body of water is not required to operate the waterfall. Pondless waterfalls use a self-circulating system fueled by a contained in-ground reservoir. The pondless, self-circulating waterfall system uses very little energy and requires very little maintenance. Additionally, if the homeowner ever decides to add a pond to their property in the future, the pondless waterfall is completely and easily adaptable. The pondless waterfall is a great option for those who want something impressive and tranquil that requires little maintenance.


Koi Pond

There is nothing quite as relaxing as a pond alive with the elegant motion of koi fish. A koi pond, or water garden, is an ecosystem in and of itself. Birds are particularly fond of small bodies of water and so your clients will be delighted by the peace brought by their song. Combine the right balance of plants, fish, pumps, filters, rocks, and gravel to ensure that the koi pond is a functioning, self-contained ecosystem. Installation and upkeep of a koi pond are more costly than most other water features. However, the beauty and tranquility created by the presence of a koi pond is incomparable. Additionally, other meditation-friendly water features, like waterfalls or fountains, can be easily added at any time. Watson Supply has you covered for all of your water feature requirements, including ponds, fountains and waterfall supplies from trusted brands such as Atlantic and Aquascape Pro.