Implement Our Garden Supply Store's Mosquito Repellent System in Your Harrisburg, PA, Customer's Landscape Design

Mosquitoes can ruin an outdoor party even faster than rain. With summer’s hot temperatures and humidity come the threat of hordes of relentless mosquitoes that not only drive people and pets indoors on balmy summer evenings, but potentially carry serious diseases. If your clients have tried everything they can to keep these pests away, you can save the day: Implement the mosquito repellent system from our garden supply store in your Harrisburg, PA, customer’s landscape design.  

The Problem: Mosquitos Are Tough to Prevent

Implement Our Garden Supply Store's Mosquito Repellent System in Your Harrisburg, PA, Customer's Landscape Design

The reality is that most mosquito repellent techniques are less than perfect. Not everyone likes the smell of citronella, which has questionable effectiveness on its own. Tiki torches with citronella are not always attractive features and can pose a fire hazard. And breezes created by porch ceiling fans don’t have a big enough reach to keep the whole outdoor living area free of mosquitoes. There’s also the use of mosquito-repelling plants, such as basil and rosemary, but those are only effective within a few feet of a bug problem. Then there are the health hazards associated with topical mosquito repellents that leave many homeowners feeling frustrated when they want to use their landscape as much as possible.


The Solution: Mosquito Repellent Fixtures

Mosquito repellant fixtures are attractive and durable hard-wired fixtures that come in two designs: one that is repellent-only and one that combines the convenience of low-voltage lights with mosquito repellency.  

The NuTone Haven brand of mosquito repellent fixtures are sleek, discreet, and highly effective. Once they are properly installed, they create a mosquito-repelling vapor barrier that mosquitoes won’t cross. Within 15 minutes of turning the system on, there is sufficient repellent vapor in the air to deter mosquitoes. The vapor is invisible and odorless and safe for people and pets. To keep the party going late into the evening, mosquito repellent fixtures remain effective as long as each fixture is turned on and filled with repellent.

For health- and environment-conscious clients, you can let them know that NuTone Haven is a registered product with the Environmental Protection Agency, as is the active ingredient, Metofluthrin. This highly effective repellent has been extensively tested for toxicology and is safe for consumer use.

Installing Mosquito Repellent Fixtures

While it’s possible to run them from an existing low-voltage transformer, the NuTone Haven systems are designed to be wired as stand-alone fixtures. This gives homeowners flexibility as well as savings on the amount of electricity they need to use to power the fixtures.

You can educate them on how to use their new system as efficiently as possible. For one thing, the use of mosquito repellent may not be necessary every day, particularly as the weather cools. The homeowner may wish to only use the repellent fixtures while enjoying the outdoors. Or, to prevent mosquitoes from breeding in the yard, the homeowner may wish to run the repellent system full-time but leave the lights off. It’s also possible to put the system on an automatic timer for worry-free mosquito repellency—for example, from dusk until midnight—without having to turn on outdoor lighting as well.

Mosquito repellent fixtures may very well be the best investment a homeowner can make for maximum outdoor enjoyment—even in muggy summers when mosquitoes seem to be everywhere!