Improve Your Landscape Project with Beautiful Path Lighting from Our Garden Supply Store in the York, PA, Area

When installed properly, path lighting can give a fairy-tale touch to your landscape project in York, PA, area. It can perfectly illuminate the path to a home, patio, or garden while enhancing the tranquility and beauty of the landscape. Not only does path lighting look gorgeous, but it also gently guides visitors to their desired destination. Setting up practical yet memorable path lighting is made easier with our tips and range of products at our garden supply store.

Know When It’s Enough

“Path lighting” shouldn’t be confused with “runway lights.” Path lighting is just the right number of stakes or fixtures to smoothly illuminate the path while runway lights offer straightforward direction on where to go. When placing lights, you want to leave considerable space between them as visual but not obtrusive clues to where the path is going.


Find the Best Place  

Clearly, placement of fixtures plays a crucial role in proper path lighting. That’s why you need to find the balance. Rather than just illuminating one side of a path, place fixtures on both sides. Also remember to leave some space between the walkway and the lights to increase the safety of properly placed lighting. A good choice for this is the classic path light, such as Flare 2700K LED Path Light BBR.

Direct the Light

While path lights will make your landscape look stunning, let us not forget their basic purpose—to safely steer homeowners and their guests in the right direction. Think of where their feet will land and their eyes will follow. You may also want to consider adding some directional path lights such as CAST Impressionist Lights. This light features innovative LED technology, allowing you to position the head in the way that best suits you.


Create a Pleasant, Warm Glow

Improve Your Landscape Project with Beautiful Path Lighting from Our Garden Supply Store in the York, PA, Area  

In order to create a pleasant and inviting atmosphere, we suggest you choose LED lights. Compared to halogen and other types of lights, LED lights are cooler to the touch and are also long-lasting. Moreover, they save energy consumption.

LED lights cast a gentle, warm glow, perfect for lovely summer nights when homeowners will get a moment to bask in the beauty of your landscape. You will surely love the effect that the Slide LED Path 6311 Light creates. It will add a soft light to the path, making the surrounding landscape look spectacular.

Go Beyond Perfection

Some people love to use the same type of the lights and place them in a strict order to achieve what they think is a perfect look. But perhaps “perfect” to a homeowner is a sense of relaxation. Different lights in path lighting can achieve this effect. You’d be surprised at how this little transformation could make a walkway look more inviting and distinctive.

To go one step further and add even more magic to your landscape, try adding a few fixtures, such as the CAST Classic Savannah Light, in the garden bed. However, don’t forget to keep the plants safe and choose tall fixtures.

Our garden supply offers all kinds of lighting equipment to illuminate your inspiration. With our products, path lighting is a simple and fun project!