Keep Mosquitoes Away from Outdoor Living Spaces with an Effective Mosquito Repellent System in York, PA

Summer is almost here, and it’s finally time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. Unfortunately, mosquitoes can put a damper on outdoor summer fun. You can help your clients avoid nasty chemicals and cumbersome traps with a Haven mosquito repellent system.  Make any York, PA outdoor living space a pest-free zone with attractive mosquito repellent solutions from Watson Supply Inc.

Mosquito Repellent Lights

NuTone Haven™ Backyard Mosquito Repellent System fends off mosquitos without the use of harsh sprays or repetitive treatments. The system combines low voltage path lights with a mosquito repellent system. Each light contains 16 LED bulbs which provide 40 lumens of light, and also includes a repellent cartridge. The bulbs don’t need to be changed and the lights have a life expectancy of 30,000 hours, which means they should last at least 15 years.

Keep Mosquitoes Away from Outdoor Living Spaces with an Effective Mosquito Repellent System in York, PA

Mosquito Repellent Fixture

Mosquito repellent fixtures are the solution for keeping mosquitos away from areas of a landscape that don’t require lighting. The fixtures look similar to path lights and blend with other fixtures that may already exist in the landscape. Each fixture provides 110 square feet (approximately a 12-foot circle) of coverage and includes the same mosquito repellent cartridge as the lights.


Both the outdoor lights and fixtures will provide effective protection from mosquitoes all season long. Each cartridge will last approximately 90 days when used for an average of 2.4 hours a day. The system is safe for use in all outdoor areas and repels all types of mosquitoes, including those that carry the Zika virus.
Each system is available in black or bronze finish to complement any existing landscaping fixtures. An indicator light lets you know when the system is active, and the indicator light will flash to let you know it’s time to replace the repellent cartridge.  Ensure you run the repellent lights or fixtures on a separate system from other outdoor lighting to ensure maximum efficiency.

Make Your Client’s Property Less Friendly for Mosquitoes

Ensure the mosquito repellent system works its best by clearing the property of mosquito-friendly areas. Mosquitoes breed in standing water and even a small amount is enough for a female to lay eggs. Keep gutters clear, remove standing water from areas where it may collect and change the water in birdbaths. 

If your client has a pond or other water feature, use mosquito cakes or granular insecticides for water to prevent mosquitoes from reproducing. Replacing outdoor bulbs with yellow bug lights that do not attract insects can also help.

Mosquito Repellent Plants

Supplement your client’s new mosquito repellent system with the addition of plants that also help repel blood-sucking bugs. While mosquito repellent systems will reliably defend against mosquitos, extra help never hurts. The addition of plants that deter mosquitoes can help protect the yard in areas where a mosquito repellent system is not installed.
Citronella is a common ingredient in insect repellents. Plant the strong-smelling perennial grass in border gardens or in pots around the patio. Marigolds feature lovely two-toned flowers and also have a distinct smell that keeps mosquitoes away. Marigolds look great in containers, so add them around the patio or outdoor living spaces. Rosemary and lavender are also mosquito repelling plants. These perennial plants feature tall stems with purple flowers and they both smell lovely to humans.