Natural Stone Fountain Ideas That Add Elegance to Patio Areas in Lancaster, PA

To create a sophisticated yet cozy retreat, you could simply add water. Fountains are the perfect solution because they can be constructed for any size, to fit into pretty much any space, and they can be made to complement any architectural style. Here are five natural stone fountain ideas that would add elegance to your Lancaster, PA, patio area.

A Cascading Waterfall

Natural Stone Fountain Ideas That Add Elegance to Patio Areas in Lancaster, PA

The sky’s the limit when it comes to designing a natural stone waterfall fountain. Whether you want a simple waterfall with a short spillway or a multi-tiered masterpiece that mimics the many drops of a cascading waterfall, you can tie in this fabulous water feature with your patio by using the same stones used on a nearby retaining or seating wall. A waterfall fountain adds rustic appeal to your landscape and some even let you reposition certain stones to change up the “music” created by the falling water.

A Modern Water Wall

Water walls are features that allow water to trickle or flow down a vertical surface. Water flows through a horizontal pipe with many small openings to create a curtain effect. You can use natural stone to frame a smooth copper, weathered iron, or durable glass wall over which the water will flow. Or you can use the look of stacked natural stone to create a more textured water wall that disrupts a smooth flow—especially wonderful if you want to mask neighborhood noise! A water wall can also double as a privacy wall and an attractive feature when incorporated into a retaining or seating wall.

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A Wall-mounted Fountain

Wall-mounted fountains are reminiscent of ancient Roman ruins. One could be constructed from the same natural stone material found on your patio, or you can go for a bold look with contrast. Use a weathered copper or antique spigot, or for added drama, use a large flagstone or travertine to create a wider curtain-style waterfall. Over time, the water could hone the stone and shape it slightly, just as river rocks are smoothed by rushing water. Add one or several urns to capture the falling water, or let the water cascade into a shallow pond filled with river rock or a pondless catch basin.

A Boulder Fountain

Create a stunning one-of-a-kind fountain by using a large boulder with a natural basin on top. When the fountain is operating, the water fills the basin and overflows it to cascade down the boulder to a pondless river rock catch basin that re-circulates the water back to the top of the fountain. A bubbler adds a playful element to this birdbath-style fountain that blends perfectly into the natural surroundings. The plumbing can either be drilled through the rock, or you can use copper or flexible pipe bent to hug the curves of the stone, for an interesting look that makes the pipe seem as if it’s part of the stone.


For an unforgettable immersion into the sounds and visual impact of water, surround a patio or seating area with vertical slabs of stone or stacked stone pillars over which water flows to a catch basin below. Stacked stone pillars give you options to create added texture for water to flow over, providing each pillar with a slightly different sound. This creates a truly amazing and serene atmosphere. Light up each stone for an incredibly dramatic effect when the sun goes down.