Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Small Backyards in Lancaster, PA

Fireplaces are favored additions for introducing warmth and ambience to chilly evenings. They are unmistakably elegant and provide soft, pleasant lighting. They easily occupy their rightful place as the focal point of any open area and can instantly make any outdoor room look and feel more inviting. Enliven your patio and lengthen your time spent outdoors with a fireplace in Lancaster, PA. 


A Cozy Corner

Fireplaces are wonderfully versatile and can be nestled into patios with various aesthetic themes. From sleek modern designs to classic chunky structures, these fire features can deliver their light and warmth in various ways to achieve slightly different looks and feels. Consider having a secluded outdoor room constructed in a pleasant corner of the landscape, beneath a pergola, or have it be enclosed using low walls. Fitting a characterful fireplace into a small space can create a hotspot for conversation or an ideal spot for enjoying a good book. Arrange comfortable outdoor furniture around the fireplace and adorn the seats with cushions for added comfort and a few pops of color. Textured throws can also serve to complement the newly inviting atmosphere. 

A Personalized Fireplace

There are various ways to make an outdoor fireplace one-of-a-kind, regardless of how commonplace these structures have become. For example, you could place candles on the mandle for a romantic touch of character. Anything placed on or around your fireplace will draw further attention to it, whether you opt for small potted plants or gem-colored lanterns. These small details also go a long way in establishing the aesthetic theme of your patio. Lanterns, for example, are often used to achieve a warm, comfortable bohemian vibe. Veneering your outdoor fireplace with natural stone is another way to personalize the structure. While many varieties of stone exist, each individual piece differs slightly from the next. This incredible variation means you can get access to a veneer that is impossible to re-create. Consider selecting irregular pieces of slightly different sizes for a totally natural appearance. 


Caution: Overhead Structures

An overhead pergola or canvas ceiling can provide shelter from the elements and foster an intimate atmosphere. However, all overhead structures—as well as any structures situated near the fireplace—should be treated as potential hazards. If you hang curtains along the edges of your pergola, make sure that you keep them far from the fireplace, as they may blow into the flames. You should also check that there aren’t any plants near the flames. Regardless of where your fireplace is installed, the area should always be well-ventilated to prevent accidents.

A Homely Hearth 

Outdoor Fireplace Designs for Small Backyards in Lancaster, PA  

The soft light and warmth that emanates from fire features can be used to foster an inviting, casual environment. While fire pits are often used to achieve this effect, small fireplaces with a rather open structure are also good candidates for achieving an interactive atmosphere. Consider a double-sided fireplace, consisting of a stout vertical structure with a window for viewing the flames. These fireplaces can be surrounded by furniture on both sides, inviting more friends and family to enjoy the warmth created. The open nature of this design facilitates conversation and a relaxed, family-friendly atmosphere.