Pondless Waterfall Supplies in PA

For a successful pondless waterfall project, every Lancaster, PA, contractor needs quality supplies and materials that will both complement the landscape and ensure its durability and longevity. This now popular water feature is becoming a favorite among homeowners because it takes up less space than pond waterfalls, requires less maintenance and running costs, and provides the relaxing ambience of cascading water. Here are some of the pondless waterfall supplies that we can supply for your next project:

Pond-Free Systems

Needless to say, using a pond-free system will make the construction easier, simpler, stronger, and safer. The biggest benefit of using a pond-free system is creating a durable underground reservoir with a great leak-proof design that will eliminate any risks of subsurface damage.

Essentially, a complete system should include a liner with an interior design that prevents leaks and soil or rock retention, molded support cones and internal baffles that give strength and diffuse the water, a pump that will last a long time, and load-bearing blocks for water storage. The creative potential of the waterfall shouldn’t be spoiled because of ineffective systems. Atlantic’s Pond-free System is made from innovative components that will help you create the best pondless water features possible for your landscape.


Pondless Waterfall Kit

Pondless Waterfall Supplies in Lancaster, PA

These kits are a great solution for homeowners that want an instant pondless waterfall in their backyard. The waterfall kit includes pre-matched components which make it easier for you, the contractor, to install as you don’t have to worry about specifications for different water features.

Aquascape Pondless Waterfalls are suitable for homeowners with small backyards, space constraints, or municipality restrictions, but still want to enjoy the beauty and ambience of a water feature.

Natural Stone

There are endless design options for pondless waterfalls but decorating it with natural stone will add a touch of timeless elegance. For example, building steps, a walkway, or a low wall with stone veneer near and around the waterfall adds to the uniqueness of the backyard. Watson Supply offers a collection of personalized natural stone that can be hand-picked on site and whose special design features will make any project possible. Waterfalls are often the focal point of the landscape, so it’s important to choose products that will create a remarkable design. These products will make a difference in both traditional and modern backyards because of their quality structure, specific shape, and versatile tone and texture.


To give a more natural look, use larger rocks to frame the waterfall. The size of the large rocks should be proportional to the drop of the waterfall, even a few inches larger. If the waterfalls’ drop is 12 inches then using 16 inch diameter rocks will be suitable for the project. For a more organized, seamless appearance, use fewer rocks and place a rock with a flat surface between the larger rocks. Use plants to soften the edges and create a natural flow between the water feature and the greenery.

To complete the project, install cost-effective lights to make the waterfall enjoyable during the night. Atlantic’s LED lighting system offers different types of landscape lighting, including AWG Lighting, Warm White LED, and Color Changing LED Lighting that will create a welcoming glow above or beneath the water.


Image courtesy of Aquascape.