Protecting Hardscapes with Ice Melt Products During Harrisburg, PA, Winters

A slick layer of ice coating a driveway or patio is a major hazard. Keeping your clients’ hardscapes free of ice is, therefore, very important during the winter months in Harrisburg, PA. The most common way to get rid of this ice entails the use of ice melt products. These products turn frozen water into liquid, making slippery ice disappear. They also soak to the surface of the underlying pavers, forming a brine that makes ice or snow easier to remove. However, these products pose their own set of dangers to a hardscape. Read on to discover the ins and outs of ice melt products - how to pick them and utilize them whilst preserving your client’s driveway, walkway, or patio from their potential harmful effects.

Choosing the Right Ice Melt Product

The oldest and most common form of ice melt is regular rock salt, which is still used as a base for many ice melt blends. The best products start with a base of solar salt, which is purer and is more effective for melting ice and snow. Most modern ice melt products contain one of a range of other chemicals in addition to rock salt, including potassium chloride, calcium chloride and magnesium chloride. Each ice melt blend presents a unique set of advantages and drawbacks based on its composition of ingredients. Choosing the right ice melt product for a particular client’s hardscape will come down to balancing your desire to protect their pavers with some of their other priorities, such as the preservation of their plant life.

Watson Supply is proud to offer TruMelt Premium Ice Melt products that are compatible with a variety of surfaces. This pure range of products is comprehensively labelled and includes magnesium at concentrations of 3%, 10% and 20% as well as calcium flakes in a 12% formulation. Approach one of our team for guidance in selecting the right ice melt product for your hardscape.

Applying Ice Melt Products

Protecting Hardscapes with Ice Melt Products During Harrisburg, PA, Winters

One key component of protecting a residential hardscape from the potential corrosive effects of ice melt products is exercising moderation. In commercial application, however, the primary concern is avoiding slips and falls and the lawsuits that come along with such occurrences. Be sure to apply enough product to eliminate that risk, and re-apply as often as necessary. Shoveling away as much snow and ice as possible will minimize the amount of ice that needs to be eradicated through the use of ice melt.

Why Watson Supply?

The thoughtless application of ice melt products can cause damage to regular concrete and low quality paver products, so it is important to have the rights ice melt products on hand in order to lessen the potential damage that can occur. Higher quality pavers, such as Unilock and Techo-bloc products, are extremely resistant to ice melt products and also to freeze thaw damage. Talk to any Watson Supply employee for invaluable advice and reliable ice melt products comprised of fully-disclosed ingredients.