Stacked Stone Pillars and Walls for Beautiful York, PA, Hardscapes

A beautifully constructed hardscape in York, PA, stretches out the enjoyment and entertainment options for your clients. What makes a difference is the quality materials you use, smart landscape design, and the details. One noteworthy detail could be the addition of stacked stone pillars or walls. These natural-looking structures are easily customizable. Help bring your clients’ vision to life by utilizing the high-quality materials we offer to construct stacked stone features. 

Stacked Stone Pillars and Walls for Beautiful York, PA, Hardscapes  

Typically, stacked stone pillars or walls are constructed with our stone veneer, which comes in a variety of design options. With numerous colored stones and finishes, complete customization is available to meet the vision of each individual client’s needs. Because the stone veneers are uniquely laid, they will provide a natural-looking finish for an already aesthetically pleasing hardscape.

Determining the Base

Before the installation process begins, it’s important to determine the base for these stone structures. Some bases require protection from moisture buildup while other, more durable bases, may need very little preparation or protection. Concrete typically requires very little maintenance whereas wood needs more attention.


Stone Choice

Natural stones and stone veneers can fit right into a sleek and modern landscape. Both choices come in a variety of design options from color, size, shape, and finish. Assist your clients in determining the best suitable option for their existing color scheme or layout. Consider cost and installation time that is specific to each choice when putting your quote together. 


The installation process requires some thinking through to avoid any damage, bending, or unsteady results. There are several different ways to install stacked stone pillars or walls. If going with natural stone, the most common method of installation is to stack them with one on top of the other in an interlocking pattern. You can also set a thin layer of mortar onto the base and lay the stones on top of the mortar, which will not be seen at the face of these features. You can also place mortar in between each individual stone and leave them as they are.

Be aware that when you stack these stones with cement, there is a height and weight limit of stones you can stack per day to avoid compression underneath the weight of the stones. This is why larger projects should be quoted over at least a three- to four-day time period so that the stacked stone pillars or walls have time to properly dry and set. 


Stone veneers offer a much simpler installation. The stone veneer option is a shorter and more cost-effective option for those who prefer a stacked stone appearance without the heavier installation time required. Consider which option is ideal for your team and your clients by knowing the ins and outs of either choice to make the best recommendation.