Stunning Natural Stone Walls for Hardscape Projects in State College

If built with quality stone, walls are an attractive and functional addition to any State College, PA, landscape, and can be used to break up or separate outdoor spaces, provide seating, or hold back soil. Selecting high-grade stone that offers a versatile color palette will ensure beauty and long-term durability. In the past couple of years, different types of natural stone have become increasingly popular, mainly because of their organic appeal and easy installation. Here are some natural stone wall ideas for your next hardscape project:


Accent Walls using Natural Stone Veneer

Natural stone veneer is often heavier and harder to install than manufactured veneer, but both can be found in a variety of colors, shapes, and textures. Natural stone veneer offers a versatile color palette that includes warm, earthy shades, neutrals, and cooler shades that are perfect for creating contrast or complementing their surroundings. Aside from its decorative appeal, natural stone veneer is colorfast and long-lasting. Limestone veneer, for example, offers a unique character, fine grain, and timeless beauty, and can be used for both retaining walls and interior feature walls. Selecting the right finish for the wall is crucial for creating a decorative piece that will stand out.

Fieldstone for Large Walls

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Fieldstone is quite literally stone collected from a field. It is found locally and comes in a rounder shape than quarried stone. If you are aiming for a cheaper option than other wall stones, consider fieldstone. This natural stone comes in relatively large pieces and has a lower level of finish compared to other stones. Fieldstone can be dry laid or set with mortar, creating unique, organic walls that offer a cottage-like appearance.

One of the most commonly used types of fieldstone is Pennsylvania Fieldstone. This natural stone is smaller in size, and flatter than traditional fieldstone, and is usually more expensive. Typically used for, but not limited to, smaller scale walls, Pennsylvania Fieldstone tends to create nicely detailed walls that have a weathered appeal.

Colonial Wallstone

Another flat stone used for walls is Colonial Wallstone. This stone is made from cast-off pieces of bluestone that don’t match the requirements and appearance needed for creating large, flat patio stones. Colonial Wallstone is usually set with mortar and bears a clean, consistent finish.

Granite Wallstone

Granite is a heavy, dense rock that has a crystalline structure. A granite wall will provide flair in an outdoor space, creating an accent piece that will impress with its substantial stature and visual weight. Aside from its heavy weight, quarried granite can be easy to install as it comes in rectangular pieces that, when combined, result in an impressive, sturdy wall.

Aside from texture and color, natural stone walls can be laid in a number of different ways in order to provide a unique appearance. For example, dumped walls are simply rows of piled stones, while tossed walls are loosely stacked. Large walls made using fieldstone are typically laid in a defined pattern, revealing their flat, even structure. Mosaic walls are mortared structures that feature stones in different colors and sizes, and are arranged in a geometric pattern.

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