Last minute lunch on the Primo XL

I forgot to bring lunch to work today, so what's a guy to do?  Cook some chicken thighs on the Primo XL, that's what! A quick trip to the grocery store for some chicken, a little seasoning, and back to work to get everything cooking.  I started our Oval XL and stabilized the temperature around 325 degrees (this took about 15 minutes).  While it was heating up, I washed and dried the chicken, sprayed it with some cooking oil, and rubbed on some spices.  I seasoned 3 pieces with SeasonAll, 3 with an Italian Blend, and 2 pieces with nothing at all.  Variety is a beautiful thing!

I set up the grill for indirect cooking by using the firebox divider and putting lump charcoal in only one side, and put in the drip pan rack, ceramic reflector plate, and a foil drip pan on the other side.  I wanted to get the chicken up as high in the dome as possible, so I put in the regular cooking rack and then the extender rack, too.  Here is a picture of the set-up...

I like to use the Primo Remote Thermometer, which allows you to monitor the grate temperature and the food temperature simultaneously.  The grate stayed at 325 degrees for the whole cook without any adjustments at all, and 45 minutes later when the chicken internal temperature reached 190 degrees, I took the chicken off... I knew it was going to be good when juices squirted out of the chicken when I picked it up with the tongs!  Here it is just before I pulled it off, and then plated.

(If you look at the before and after pictures, you can see how little of the lump charcoal was burned during this cook.  Closing up the vents puts the charcoal out, to be saved for the next cook.  Cooking with the Primo is incredibly efficient, and very little cleanup!)

If you'll excuse me, I've got to go eat!  The smell from this chicken is awesome!

Outdoor Cooking Recipe #7 Herb Roasted Chicken

Welcome to our Outdoor Cooking Recipe Series!  We just had another Outdoor Cooking Demonstrations at which everything is cooked in our wood fired Chicago Brick Oven.  The food has turned out so good that we wanted to share all the recipes with you!  The menu for our third demo consisted of Grilled Atlantic Salmon, Blackened Sea Scallops, Herb Roasted Chicken, and Roasted Fingerling Potatoes.   We can only vouch for how wonderful these dishes are when cooked on our wood fired oven, no guarantees on how good they will be if you cook them on something else... Here is Recipe #7:

and this is what the finished product looks like!

If you have been thinking about buying a Chicago Brick Oven and would like to join us for one of our upcoming demonstrations to see just how versatile they really are, please email to put your name on the list.  As soon as we have more demonstration dates selected, we will let  you know.  Hope to see you soon!  Also, please follow our blog to see the rest of the recipes as we post them...

(All of the recipes in this series were developed by Joe Mishler, Executive Chef at Devon Seafood Grill in Hershey.  Joe has a Chicago Brick Oven at home, and he loves cooking on it so much that he wanted to share some of his favorites with the rest of the world.)