Take an Outdoor Living Space from Typical to Luxurious with These Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace Designs in State College, PA

An outdoor fire feature can take a ho-hum space to an “Oh, wow!” spot. Not only is a fire beautiful to view, but it often tends to be the number-one gathering spot for guests and family. Here are fireplace and firepit design ideas to suggest for your clients as they consider the best fire feature to add to their State College, PA, yard.

Fire Pits

Homeowners gravitate toward fire pits as they can be versatile for a variety of home styles and spaces. And since there are a wide range of fire pit prices, homeowners can find an option that fits their budget.

A slate fire pit recessed into a simple rock patio could fit the dimensions of a small yard. A river rock fire pit would be at home in an area with small pea sized gravel for a more rustic feel. For a more contemporary look, there’s the option of building a fire pit that takes on a raised, rectangular shape. It could have flat coping stones on the top edges to give it a polished finish.


Whether they’re wood-burning or gas, fire pits can also bring excitement to larger living spaces. A square, raised fire pit of rectangular stones surrounded on three sides with built-in seating can be just the gathering spot for friends—to serve as a true focal point for a yard. Or a round stone fire pit encompassed by comfortable Adirondack chairs might be the perfect way for homeowners to watch the kids play while they enjoy an evening drink.

Outdoor Fireplaces

Take an Outdoor Living Space from Typical to Luxurious with These Fire Pit and Outdoor Fireplace Designs in State College, PA

An outdoor fireplace takes the option of a fire feature to another level. You could suggest a three-sided fireplace, which allows for the maximum amount of fire area for friends and guests. This type of fireplace would be a centerpiece of beauty for an outdoor space. Composed of landscape stones or gray slate and topped with a copper roof, a three-sided fireplace would a showpiece.

To create a true outside room, a fireplace anchored under a roof with stone columns or strong wood posts can bring year-round warmth for a State College, PA, home. For a large room, suggest adding draperies along its borders that can be lowered to maximize the heat from the fire during the colder months. They could then be tied back to let in breezes during the warmer months.

A two-sided, Spanish style fireplace can surely bring some pizzazz to an outdoor space. One side could face the outdoor dining area while the other offers an inviting warm spot for retiring after dinner with couches and chairs.


For a more urban fireplace, recommend a bold, geometric poured-concrete design or a stacked paving stone in a muted color. The outdoor fireplace can burn wood or gas, whichever suits a client the best.

An outdoor fire feature can fit a variety of spaces and budgets. Fire pits and fireplaces can extend the use of a yard and patio area to any time of the year, bringing light and warmth for parties or just for roasting marshmallows on a chilly night. The specialists at Watson Supply Inc. have an incredible inventory of hardscape, drip irrigation, lighting, outdoor kitchen and fire feature supplies to meet your landscape needs.