The Advantages of Using Concrete Wall Units to Build Retaining Walls in Lancaster, PA

You’re spoilt for choice when it comes to materials for customizing your Lancaster, PA, landscape designs. From sleek concrete blocks and large stone slabs to small, charming natural stone pieces and burnt bricks, there is a vast range of materials at your disposal. However, this can make choosing the right material for a particular feature a little more difficult than if you were presented with more limited options.

A hierarchy of hardscaping materials is therefore needed. And while the value of many materials may be debated, few will argue that concrete pavers and wall units are among the most enduring and versatile options. While each material bears its own unique set of strengths and weaknesses, the benefits of using concrete pavers and wall units outweigh those of other candidates in most cases. Here are just a few reasons to consider concrete wall units for the construction of retaining walls in Lancaster, PA. 

Versatility and visual appeal

Various innovative technologies are involved in the manufacturing of concrete products to enhance their appearance and design potential. An endless range of designs and diverse colors allow the opportunity to create the perfect retaining wall patio enclosure or terrace system. If you’re after a subtle and understated look, select sandy-colored units with a weathered finish and adorn the wall with more striking elements that will draw attention and express your personal flair. Concrete wall units are often made to emulate the shades and textures of natural stone while remaining stronger and more structurally consistent. It is therefore safer to utilize them in load-bearing structures. Unilock, for example, offers a wall product called Rivercrest Wall, which emulates the elegant look and feel of stacked flagstone. 


Low maintenance

The Advantages of Using Concrete Wall Units to Build Retaining Walls in Lancaster, PA

Concrete requires little more than the occasional hose down to stay in good shape. Concrete wall units are also manufactured to withstand a variety of external pressures, from freeze thaw cycles to UV degradation and water damage. As a result, they rarely need to be repaired or replaced. Similarly, concrete coping is unlikely to chip and can be equipped with surface treatments that help it to resist stains from rainwater. Coping can also be installed at a slight angle to prevent the accumulation of rainwater on its surface altogether. 

Strength and endurance

Practically every large, load-bearing structure is constructed using concrete - a testament to its unwavering durability. A retaining wall constructed using concrete wall units will likely remain standing for decades upon decades. In addition to unbeatable compressive strength, many concrete wall units feature UV-resistance that prevents them from fading, despite constant sun exposure.  

Winter potential

Winter tends to devastate landscapes, leaving them bare and colorless. The outdoor furniture is carted indoors, many plants wither and water features stop running. However, concrete pavers are designed to withstand freeze-thaw cycles and have the ability to remain in pristine condition throughout winter. They also require very little, if any, preparation for winter. Concrete wall units, unlike plants and delicate fabrics, will continue to contribute color to the landscape throughout the bleak winter season.


Image courtesy of Unilock.