The Best Paver Products from Unilock for Pool Decks in Lancaster PA

Replacing the pavers that frame your pool is one of the best ways to make your entire poolside appear brand new. A paver change can revitalize the design without reshaping the pool or modifying any major structures. Here are a few excellent Unilock pavers for pool decks in Lancaster, PA:

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Beacon Hill Flagstone

The Best Paver Products from Unilock for Pool Decks in Lancaster PA

Beacon Hill Flagstone pavers have an unmistakably classic look and feel. Their wonderfully textured surfaces are available in a range of elegant shades that are reminiscent of indoor luxury. The shades are relatively neutral, making them compatible with virtually any hardscape design. The luxurious appearance of these pavers is also enhanced by their brilliant ability to act as a substitute for natural stone, which is renowned for adding an exotic touch to poolsides.

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Richcliff pavers also bear all timeless beauty of natural stone, but offer greater compressive strength. These pavers are imbued with Ultima Concrete Technology from

Unilock, which grants them up to four times the strength of poured concrete. In order to attain the same strength in a real stone surface, very thick slabs would need to be utilized. The convincing stone textures of Richcliff are cast from real flagstone using Reala Surface Technology. The cold, tranquil beauty of the Dawn Mist color variation is perfect for a poolside with a spa-like atmosphere.

Bristol Valley

Bristol Valley pavers bear a subtle blend of neutral shades on their surfaces. The combination of light and dark hues within the design of each paver prevents a Bristol Valley surface from ever appearing monotonous. These incredibly refined pavers are brilliantly textured to emulate flagstone, and are excellent candidates for a sophisticated poolside. They have clean edges that can be arranged to create an uninterrupted grid of smooth jointing lines, perfect for finishing off a contemporary hardscape design.


Umbriano pavers bear all the magnificence of real granite. Their surfaces bear rich, unpredictable patterns of light and dark color, as well as a spontaneous scattering of granite particles. These pavers are well-suited to poolsides because they are both non-slip and stain-resistant. The Summer Wheat color variation, in particular, pairs excellently with cool blue pool water and crisp green lawns. However, these pavers are available in a wide range of subtle shades that are neutral enough to suit any hardscape design. They are wildly popular in modern hardscape designs, especially when selected in a large format that can help to create the illusion of spaciousness.  


The gentle textures on the surfaces of Thornbury pavers feel wonderful beneath bare feet and are excellently suited to poolsides. They are available in a pleasing range of calming neutrals, such as the Sierra shade, that have a wonderfully natural look and feel. They can also be obtained in various sizes, which can be combined to form spontaneous patterns.


Treo pavers are available in a variety of incredible shades, including the sandy Sierra and dark, powerful Granite Blend shades. While the Sierra shade is compatible with tropical pool designs, the Granite Blend variation pairs well with geometric pools and modern hardscapes.

Image Source: Unilock