The Best Water Features from Aquascape for Creating a Backyard Oasis in Harrisburg, PA

Adding a water feature to your Harrisburg, PA, client’s landscape is the perfect way to create a beautiful backyard oasis. A water feature adds a tranquil atmosphere while the sounds of flowing water will help mask city noises. Aquascape offers reliable and environmentally friendly products for creating a wide range of attractive water features.

Pond Kits

A pond or water garden is one of the most impressive ways to transform a landscape. A pond makes a city yard feel like a country escape while creating a whole new ecosystem that attracts wildlife.  

Aquascape pond and water garden kits come with everything required to build and maintain a complete backyard haven. Pond kits are available in small, medium and large sizes, allowing you to select the right fit for your client’s landscape. Essentials for pond construction, such as the liner, piping and all necessary fittings, are included in the kit along with the skimmer, filter and pond pump.

Pond kits also include an automatic dosing system that administers water treatments to make pond maintenance a breeze. The complete LED lighting kit will take any pond to the next level with attractive nighttime lighting.

Pondless Waterfalls

A pondless waterfall is one of the most popular backyard water features. A pondless waterfall offers all the beauty of flowing water without the maintenance of a full pond. They provide design flexibility and can range in size from a small waterfall with a single drop, to a stream with multiple falls. If the client wants to expand the waterfall, a pond can always be added at a later date.

The Best Water Features from Aquascape for Creating a Backyard Oasis in Harrisburg, PA

Aquascape pondless waterfall kits are also available in small, medium and large sizes, allowing you to create a waterfall up to 26 feet in length. The kits include everything required for construction, from the liner and piping, right through to the sealant and fittings. The pump, water storage modules, spillways and electrical components are also included.


Water fountains are low maintenance water features that work well in any size backyard.  Fountains are extremely versatile and are easy to install in almost any location. They make a great focal point for flower or rock gardens. And they’re also a wonderful addition to patios, providing a relaxing ambience for a sitting area.  

The wide variety of fountain sizes and styles available means that you can find the perfect option for any style of landscape design. Fountain rocks will make a water feature look like a natural element of the landscape. Fountain urns will suit a more traditional landscape, while stone water bowls offer a modern feel.

An Aquascape fountain kit saves money and ensures you have all the right materials required to install a recirculating water feature.

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LED Lighting

A well-lit water feature is a truly beautiful addition to any nighttime landscape. A combination of underwater and landscape lighting will provide a beautiful glow and add depth to ponds and waterfalls. Aquascape products use LED lights which are energy efficient and last much longer than standard halogen lighting.

Fire Fountain

A fire fountain offers the tranquility of a water feature combined with the allure of a fire. This unique water feature looks stunning in small backyards that are unable to accommodate a larger pond or waterfall.  

An Aquascape fire fountain is easy to install and comes with the pump, plumbing and fire pot. The sandstone finish will complement almost any style yard or patio.

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