Use Our Natural Stone Supply for Your Next Patio and Walkway Project in Harrisburg, PA

Natural stone is one of the best choices of material for constructing any hardscape in Harrisburg, PA. Our stone supply can offer inspiration for your next patio or walkway project. The beauty of limestone or sandstone could make the next hardscape on your job list look naturally beautiful!

The Benefits of Natural Stone

Use Our Natural Stone Supply for Your Next Patio and Walkway Project in Harrisburg, PA

Mother nature knows best, and using natural stone is a wonderful way to get the benefits of nature’s hardest substances in a landscape. The first benefit of natural stone is its beauty! The randomized detail on the surface creates a very pleasant look that makes each piece unique. The color tones will win over homeowners. And natural stone will blend in with almost any landscape and complement the surrounding area with a pleasant touch. The varied color and pattern options make decision-making the only downside of natural stone. It can take awhile for homeowners to make their final choice!

Another benefit of natural stone is its inherent durability and strength.

Both limestone and sandstone, for instance, are sourced from Europe and Asia, after which they’re cut to size and enhanced using exclusive Unilock technology that ensures the pavers you install maintain their quality for a lifetime. Unique features of natural stone include low water absorption, flexural strength, and freeze-thaw capability. This means that your natural stone will withstand all four seasons and retain both its beauty and utility.


Project Ideas

Natural stone is a fitting material for any patio and walkway project, and it tends to lead to other projects when it’s done right. Once you know where the patio will go, give thought to whether walkways are needed leading from it. If the patio will be in the middle of the yard or in a space not directly adjacent to the home, this is an option you’ll want to raise with the homeowners if you haven’t already. Have them picture how guests will go from Point A to Point B. You could further add to your project list by suggesting a retaining wall that could offer a complementary aesthetic to the patio and walkways, and give the landscape extra seating options.

Walkway Options

For the walkways, there are seemingly endless design options. Consider the size, shape, and laying pattern for the natural stone pavers. Depending on how much room you’ve got to work with, choose a walkway that’s a minimum of 4 to 5 feet wide so that at least two people can walk side by side on it. Next, think about whether a classic linear walkway would be most appropriate or if you want to mix it up, as some people prefer a curved walkway to add some interest. If you’re dealing with a large yard or a garden, perhaps a stepping stone pathway could be added. This can give you the benefit of blending the hardscape into the natural landscape and bringing in a whimsical touch. Lastly, a decision will need to be made on the laying pattern.


Image courtesy of Unilock.