Use the Best Pavers from Our Stone Supply for Your Customer's State College, PA, Walkway

Walkways require quality and durable materials. Concrete pavers are a go-to choice for their unparalleled, long-lasting surface textures, sturdiness, and beauty. Many landscape contractors know this and lean on reputable brands that have proven to offer the best products on the market. As your stone supply provider, we provide you with access to the top pavers for any walkway you build in State College, PA.

Blend of Beauty and Quality with Unilock Pavers

Use the Best Pavers from Our Stone Supply for Your Customer's State College, PA, Walkway

We offer a dynamic collection of the best pavers from Unilock, which offers world-class products manufactured in facilities that are renowned for their safety and cleanliness. If you are looking for a paver manufacturer that offers endless design possibilities, Unilock is the way to go. Unilock pavers are manufactured using proprietary technologies that make each piece unique.

For a beautiful walkway project, consider the natural charm and feel of granite with Umbriano pavers from Unilock. The beauty of this paver comes from its unique mottled surface that resembles the look of natural granite, made possible with the manufacturer’s EnduraColor Facemix Technology. Umbriano is perfect for walkways because of its smooth texture, non-slip surface, and a range of unique colors that will turn any project into a state-of-the-art element.


One ideal walkway paver option that can take a visitor back in time is Copthorne, also by Unilock. Copthorne offers that recognizable, nostalgic, old-world charm which can be seen in brick pavers used in old European cities. This may be the perfect choice for a client looking for material that will go with a traditional garden design or rustic aesthetic. Like other Unilock pavers, Copthorne offers rich, deep colors combined with timeless elegance. A big advantage of this paver is that homeowners love how realistic it looks. Copthorne will turn your client's walkways into a unique feature because each piece is uniquely altered but offers consistent dimensions.

Image Source - Unilock

Flexibility with Techo-Bloc Pavers

Depending on the style, price, and personal preferences of your client, you can find exactly what’s needed for creating a one-of-a-kind walkway. Walkways hold a special place in each landscape design; they are the elements that connect and bring together each landscape element into cohesiveness. Techo-Bloc pavers offer a variety of choices in terms of color and texture. A great walkway paver from this manufacturer is Allegro, which provides a simple design and is available in a variety of earthy and neutral color options. A more modern alternative is the Blu 80 Polished paver, which offers an elegant look and a relaxed vibe. Visit our stone supply to have our experts walk you through all of your options and recommend the best choice for your next walkway project.


Natural Stone with Marmiro Stones

If your client is looking for a natural stone walkway, consider Marmiro Stones. The company offers a wide variety of natural stone pavers, including marble and travertine. The antiqued gray finish of Deep Blue pavers presents a lightly textured surface with modern, straight edges. Aside from this example of a quality paver that isn’t susceptible to cracks or deformations, our stone supply is filled with the very best products in the industry.