Water Feature Lighting Ideas for Magical Ambience in Harrisburg

Effective water feature lighting can transform the outdoor area of a Harrisburg, PA, residence or commercial building into a stunning oasis. Here are just a few lighting ideas contractors can present to home and business owners to make the most out of a water feature’s nighttime ambience:

Subtle Mood with Underwater Fixtures

For standing water features, such as ponds or waterfall catchments, underwater lighting is ideal for adding colors and effects to the water feature. Accenting the pond or waterfall with several smaller underwater lights can often be very effective, particularly with larger features. Installing just one light in the deep end of a pool or pond will accentuate the texture and imperfections of the pool’s bottom surface. Using several smaller lights in various spots of the pool or pond will give a more uniform appearance, making the bottom appear smooth.

Water Feature Lighting Ideas for Magical Ambience in Harrisburg, PA

For falling water, highlight the movement by lighting up the spot where the water hits the surface. Vertical fountain effects are also popular and are achieved by placing a submersible light below the nozzle. If the water is falling in a smooth column or sheet, the light will follow the path of the water, creating a stunning effect.

Acquiring quality lights for a landscape project is very important. The best option is to stick with reputable suppliers that offer lighting fixtures that come with a warranty and are offered by well-known manufacturers. That’s where Watson Supply comes in.  We have multiple brands of lighting for underwater use, so we can help you achieve your desired effect.


Stunning LED Pool Lighting

Effective lighting offers safety and gives the surrounding elements sculptural quality. LED lighting systems have the capacity to turn a pool or water feature into a remarkable piece of art. Different lighting colors can be spread around the feature, usually installed under the coping or set into the walls in such a way that the surface of the water is lit up. This can create some interesting ripple and reflection effects.


There is a variety of LED lighting types and colors suitable for every project. Low-voltage lighting fixtures are often manufactured from bronze, copper, stainless steel, or powder coated aluminum, which can be specified to fit many applications. The color of the lighting is also important, having a huge effect of the mood of the setting. Warm white, cool white, and multi-colored lights can be chosen (or mixed) to accomplish the look you want. Avoiding glare coming off the surface of the water is very important to enhance the look and your enjoyment of your water feature.

Don’t Forget about Formal Fountains

Without proper lighting, the focal effect of a formal fountain is completely lost at night. The key to accentuating the attractiveness of such features is in selecting the most exciting features and creating shadows. Narrow beam spotlights are great for creating contrast. Many formal fountains are a challenge to light, but they can often be the focal point of a lighting design if lit properly.

Illuminate the Surrounding Space

As more homeowners embrace sustainable landscapes, LED lights have increased in popularity. Compared to traditional lighting, LED lights are more energy efficient, making them more practical and more cost effective. The area around the water feature should also be illuminated to prevent the feature from appearing as an island surrounded by shadow. This will also ensure that the surrounding light will not overwhelm the beauty of an ornately lit water feature.