What Kinds of Pavers Are Suited to High-Traffic Areas in York?

Designing structures that meet the requirements of high levels of traffic can be a challenge for every York, PA, contractor. Which type of pavers should you choose? What if they don’t deliver the needed results? The first step to a successful project is being confident that the materials you are working with are worth the cost, time, and effort. We’ve compiled a collection of the best pavers and their characteristics to help you out:

Unilock Ultima Concrete Technology for Heavy Loads

What Kinds of Pavers Are Suited to High-Traffic Areas in York PA?

Regardless of whether you are building a walkway, driveway, patio, or any other high-traffic area, concrete pavers offer great structural strength suitable for these projects. Not that long ago, many professional contractors used poured or stamped concrete for commercial and residential applications, but with the rise of concrete pavers and their exceptional strength, durability, easy application, and speedy repairs, concrete pavers have become the new industry standard.

In fact, Unilock concrete pavers such as Copthorne, Courtstone, Richcliff, and Town Hall, are equipped with Unilock proprietary Ultima Concrete Technology, giving them up to four times the strength of poured concrete. In addition to their high compressive strength, allowing these pavers to support the load of extremely heavy vehicles, these concrete pavers offer invaluable flexibility throughout freeze-thaw cycles. During the process of expanding and contracting in extreme weather conditions, stamped concrete tends to crack, leaving not only an eyesore, but also an expensive repair job in its wake. These concrete pavers come with an incredibly simple interlocking system that makes them easy to replace in the unlikely event that repairs are required, unlike poured concrete that needs to be re-poured.

Unilock EnduraColor Facemix Technology for Frequently Used Areas

Unilock concrete pavers are manufactured with the most sophisticated proprietary technologies and represent the leading edge of paver design. These pavers offer a number of manufacturing processes and surface treatments that make Unilock pavers better suited to high traffic areas. Another one of these technologies is EnduraColor Facemix Technology which gives pavers a wearproof finish, preventing them from fading from frequent use.


EnduraColor Facemix Technology is a manufacturing process whereby the pavers are cast in a two-step process, combining coarse aggregates for a strong foundation with a layer of fine, high performance particles for a wear resistant surface. This prevents fading by stopping lighter colored aggregates from becoming visible through wear. Pavers that incorporate this manufacturing process include City Park Paver, Copthorne, Courtstone, Eco-Promenade, Richcliff, Tribeca Cobble, and Umbriano.


Aside from their strength, Unilock concrete pavers offer exclusive styles and a vast color palette which are crucial features for creating a unique structure. In the past, heavy-duty materials used for high traffic areas could make the area appear dull and unimaginative. Not so with Unilock. These concrete pavers give you the luxury of choice of style and color. Whether you’re aiming for the natural look and feel of granite with Umbriano, or an architectural design with the engineered performance of Eco-Priora, Unilock concrete pavers won’t let you down.

Image courtesy of Unilock.