What Sludge and Muck Do to Ponds and How to Get Rid of It in York, PA

For clients with a pond in their York, PA, backyard, you’ve likely noticed the development of sludge and muck over time, causing the ecosystem within the pond to be less healthy. Fortunately, there are ways to remove the sludge in ponds to keep the water and aquatic environment strong.

The Benefits of a Pond

What Sludge and Muck Do to Ponds and How to Get Rid of It in York, PA

As you’ve likely explained to your clients, having the serene and calming effects of a pond in a backyard can bring stress relief after a long, hard week. Aside from the increased value a pond brings to a property, a pond can become the home of many types of desirable wildlife. Surely it’s a pleasure to look out the window to see many varieties of birds, bees, and butterflies flitting around the pond area.

Adding a pond to a landscape can also reduce the maintenance requirements of the yard because there is less grass to mow. The plants that live in and around a pond require little upkeep to grow and look pretty.

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What Is Sludge and Muck?

Sludge and muck are two names of organic material that sifts to the bottom of ponds, creating a layer of muddy looking muck. Most often comprised of decomposed leaves, dead plants, algae, and any other waste that has fallen into the pond, pond sludge grows thicker with time. Unless it is removed, the sludge or muck can begin to affect the food sources of the fish and insects that live in the pond, as well as cause some of the water plants to die off.

The thicker the sludge, the less oxygen there is in the water. Also, all ponds host bacteria that keep the ecosystem thriving, and less oxygen means less bacteria. Eventually, the pond will begin to have a stinky smell from the overtake of the bad bacteria. The cycle will continue deteriorating until the sludge is removed and the oxygen levels in the water can rise again.

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Getting Rid of Sludge and Muck

The installation of new ponds should include instructions on proper pond cleaning. There are specific things homeowners can do to keep their York, PA, pond sparkling clean and beneficial to the plants and animals that live there.

One involves removing the waste and muck with a net on a regular basis. Encourage them not to throw that sludge away but instead put it in a garden as a natural compost material.

It’s also necessary to make sure the filter of the aerator that circulates the water and keeps the oxygen in the pond is not clogged. If the pond becomes especially mucky, you can show them how to add some beneficial bacteria to the water after it has been cleaned. The use of a pond vacuum to remove the sludge from the bottom can reveal surprisingly clearer water.  

If a pond is the addition your clients want for their landscape, a professional landscape supply company has all of the materials and equipment you need. Pond experts can recommend the appropriate plants and fish to accent any size pond. With the resources and supplies for a dream pond in one place, this supply company can be your one-stop shop for your landscape projects.