Why Every State College, PA, Patio Should Have a Sitting Wall

Anyone looking to enhance their backyard with a patio should consider incorporating a sitting wall into their construction project. Sitting walls provide an ideal combination of form, function, and aesthetic appeal—after all, what makes an outdoor living space more inviting than a place where friends and family can gather for hours in a comfortable, attractive, and inviting setting? Read on to learn why every State College, PA, patio should have a sitting wall.

Sitting Walls Enhance Aesthetic Appeal

Sitting walls add beauty to an outdoor patio and are a great statement piece to incorporate into any patio design. The shape and size of the sitting wall is up to you—it can be designed to match your style preferences, whether you’re drawn to a particular stone or color, of want it to be big enough to handle large groups or like the idea of creating a more intimate setting.

These walls can also be constructed specifically to complement the features of the surrounding landscape so that your wall looks like it has always belonged in your landscape. You may want the sitting wall to become the patio’s focal point so that everyone’s eyes are drawn exactly to where you want them to sit and relax while visiting you.


Sitting Walls Are Functional

Why Every State College, PA, Patio Should Have a Sitting Wall

Sitting walls may be technically an optional feature of a landscape design, but their functionality makes them a most welcome asset. Think of it this way: If the landscaping project necessitates a low retaining wall, it takes minimal extra work to turn that retaining wall into a sitting wall, transforming what would otherwise be simply an architecturally necessary feature into one that has functional utility. And for elevated patios, sitting walls are an ideal alternative to a fence as a safety feature—they offer a less intrusive and more attractive barrier to protect against falls.

By design, sitting walls are usually built to follow the lines of a patio, making them integral to defining the “flow” of an outdoor space. They naturally designate specific portions of the patio as socializing areas. In this way, they also help to define the space of the patio: Guests are naturally drawn to the sitting wall to relax and talk, freeing up other areas of the patio to their designated purposes, such as cooking or dining. Sitting walls also minimize the need for outdoor furniture, keeping the patio clutter-free and freeing it up to other possibilities, like a grill or fire pit.

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Sitting Walls Require Little Maintenance

Because they are so low-maintenance, well-constructed sitting walls made of quality materials can save a homeowner time, effort, and worry. Built-in sitting walls will last a homeowner the life of the property. Sitting walls are also inherently all-weather features—unlike with patio furniture, you won’t have to winterize your sitting wall. And when it comes time for cleaning, a sitting wall can be easily sprayed off with a hose or occasionally pressure-washed along with the rest of the stone patio, meaning there is no need for homeowners to scrub with harsh chemicals or get their hands dirty while sloughing off grime.

A sitting wall could be just what your patio needs for maximizing its use and becoming the kind of gathering spot you want it to be. See our homeowners page for more ideas and to let us know your plans for your patio project.