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Mosquito Repellent System

Don't let the annoyance of mosquitoes hinder your outdoor experience with family and friends. We sell high quality, well designed mosquito repellent system solutions. 

Hardscape dealer with mosquito repellent system in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Light and Mosquito Repellent Fixture

Pair attractive outdoor lighting with practical mosquito repellence. Enjoy your outdoor landscape a little longer without worrying about pesky mosquitoes.

Mosquito repellent system by a hardscape dealer in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Mosquito Repellent Fixture

The mosquito repellent fixture employs a sleek design that blends discreetly into any outdoor landscape experience.


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Do you have a question about lighting? Our FAQ's can help!

+ How does this system work?

Once installed, the Haven system is a perimeter of repellent fixtures that emit an invisible, odorless vapor that repels mosquitoes. Effective within 15 minutes of turning the system on, the repellent stay effective as long as the system is on (and there is repellent formula in each fixture!).

+ What is the active ingredient?

The active ingredient in the NuTone Haven Backyard Lighting & Mosquito Repellent System is Metofluthrin. Metofluthrin and NuTone Haven are both registered products with the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Metofluthrin is an effective mosquito repellent that has undergone extensive toxicology testing and evaluation and it has been accepted for consumer use by the US EPA.

+ Can I run the system from my existing low voltage lighting transformer?

Yes, you can. However, Haven systems are typically wired as a stand-alone systems, because you may not want the repellent system running at the same times that you have your landscape lights on. An example is if you run your lights from dusk until dawn, but you want your repellent system to turn on before dusk and turn off at midnight.

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