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outdoor Audio

Outdoor entertainment is never complete without a sleek, efficient, accessible sound system. Choose from a variety of styles to complete your outdoor paradise. 

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Landscape Speakers

Weatherproof outdoor landscape speakers offer all the perks of a professional-grade sound system, while remaining inconspicuous and blended into the aesthetic of your landscape. 

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Patio Speakers

Whether your patio is wooden or stone, covered or uncovered, patio speaker systems are perfect for your ideal outdoor environment. Experience superior sound quality from sleek, all-weather speakers to enhance your outdoor entertainment.

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Underground subwoofers

Does your outdoor experience require heavy bass that still blends effortlessly into your landscape? Underground subwoofers function subterraneously to provide your ideal sound while maintaining a discreet ecological footprint.


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Do you have a question about outdoor audio? Our FAQ's can help!

+ Can outdoor speakers withstand rain, snow, and hot weather?

The outdoor speaker systems we install are completely weatherproof. They maintain high functionality in rain and snow, and can withstand dramatic temperature fluctuations. Get the sound you desire in any season and any weather condition.

+ Are outdoor speakers USB compatible?

Each speaker system is compatible with most USB and MP3 devices. Ask about a specific system to ensure you receive the accessibility you need.

+ How many speakers do I need?

Our trained professionals will analyze your space and provide experienced recommendations about the appropriate number of speakers for your ideal sound.

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