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outdoor lighting design

An well-balanced outdoor lighting plot has the potential to provide full-day relaxation and rejuvenation. Whether showcasing the beauty of a garden, filling a lounge area with warm, ambient light, or safely illuminating pathways and patios, our collection of trusted brands offers all varieties of state-of-the-art lighting equipment.

Hardscape outdoor lighting dealer in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Wall Lighting

Highlight unique exterior finishings with grazing lighting, or include artistically inspired touches to an outdoor gathering area.

Hardscape dealer and path lighting services in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Path Lighting

Guide the traveler through the paths of a property, showcasing stunning stone walkways and providing safety for frequent traffic.

Hardscape dealer with outdoor lighting services in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Feature Lighting

Welcome the visitors eyes to the highlights of a space, offering highlights and shadows to further tell the story of a unique design.

Hardscape dealer with outdoor lighting services in Harrisburg Dauphin County PA

Security Lights

Well-directed sensor lighting provides additional confidence and sense of security for vulnerable areas of the home.


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Do you have a question about lighting? Our FAQ's can help!

+ Why is LED landscape lighting a good alternative to conventional halogen or xenon lamps?

LED lamps are safer because they generate very little heat and when operating, are relatively cool to the touch. LED lamps do not contain any mercury. Also, energy costs are dramatically lower as well.

+ How long do they last?

Our LEDs are rated for 40,000-60,500 hours or with typical operation between 15 and 20 years.

+ Can I install myself?

Yes, most of our products can be self-installed; however, we highly recommend hiring a professional lighting contractor. You are not just buying fixtures, you are buying results.

+ How efficient is LED landscape lighting?

LEDs consume 75-90% less energy than conventional 12 volt landscape lighting.

+ Do they operate in the winter and snow?

Yes, but due to the minimal heat dissipated by the LEDs, ground-mounted flood fixtures may become covered in snow and may need to be cleared occasionally.

+ Are LEDs bright enough?

Yes, the effects created by our LED fixtures are as bright as effects created by our halogen and xenon lamped fixtures.

+ What color is the LED light?

All of our LEDs are warm white in color. The color rendition is very similar to the output of a halogen lamp.

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