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A property's hardscape design marries the natural beauty of a property with the necessary structure to create a vibrant living area. From walkways to retaining walls and fire pits, our collection of masonry supplies encompasses the range of quality, top-industry products today.

The dedicated experts at Watson Supply navigate each customer through the process of determining the best stone or paver for their long-term needs. Our extensive supply allows boundless style and utilization opportunities.

Unilock pavers by hardscape dealer in State College, PA


This dynamic collection of durable stones are ideal for high-traffic areas, offering limitless design possibilities. Our trusted brands provides all varieties of finishes, tones, and styles, celebrating the personalization of all walkway, patio, and surface designs.

Unilock Walls installation by hardscape dealer in State College, PA


Providing landscape support, unique seating and walkways, and stunning water or fire design elements, stone walls are a exceptional tool showcasing beauty and structure. A designer is able to utilize their full repertoire of artistic choices through stone walls and structures.

Unilock natural Stone by hardscape dealer in State College, PA

Natural stone

When no two stones are alike, ultimate personalization is possible. Our collection of natural stones can be hand-picked on site, blending each landscape with the specific shape and tone it needs. Walls, walkways, and special design features all benefit from the unmatchable qualities of natural stone. 

Stone veneer by hardscape dealer in State College, PA

Stone Veneer

A stunning variety of tones and finishes offer each designer with complete customization options, whether adding unique features to a home's siding or hand-stacking a customized fireplace or outdoor kitchen. Watson Supply experts point each contractor toward the unique veneer opportunities for any outdoor undertaking.


Over the past 20 years, our experts have built strong relationships with the most trusted brands in the industry.

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Do you have a question about hardscapes? Our FAQ's can help!

+ Why should I choose pavers over stamped concrete?

One of the biggest advantages pavers have to stamped concrete has to do with our climate. As we go through the freeze thaw cycle, concrete expands and contracts, causing it to crack. A large crack though a beautifully colored, patterned and expensive walkway or patio is a painful eyesore, and not an easy fix. You can’t just patch it the way you might plain concrete. All the pavers we sell have a lifetime guarantee, but if one should crack, it can be pulled out and replaced. If your surface heaves or sags the damaged area can be repaired. Poured concrete is not that forgiving. Another advantage of pavers is the variety of textures and colors. Although you can stamp different patterns and colors on concrete there is limited choices. There is a variety of looks that can be created with pavers; old world, contemporary, cobble, modern, or classic. The options can match any dream you have.

+ Is snow removal difficult on pavers?

Actually no, snow removal on pavers is pretty much the same as on concrete. The pavers are jointed with a polymeric jointing sand and are secure. They are a high compressive strength concrete product and a snow blower will not hurt the pavers. On a paver driveway the only precaution that we recommend you take is to use a rubber edge on the plow or bucket to avoid scraping the pavers.

+ What is the proper way to construct a paver patio?

When constructing a patio, it is important to first construct your base. In our market, this is usually done with 6” of compacted 2A modified limestone. This base must be installed in “lifts” and properly compacted. It is important to consider the pitch of your patio as well so you can control where your water will flow. Next you screed a level 1” layer of concrete sand and place your pavers on top of this layer. A soldier course is typically used on the outside to accent the patio and then paver edging is spiked in outside of the soldier course. The pavers should be compacted once they are installed and all the proper edging is in place. Finally, polymeric jointing sand should be installed to complete the project.

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